Hero of the week : Miami cop caught on tape snorting cocaine

Welcome to Florida, home of the dirty cop. What you don’t want to have happen is for one of these heroes in blue to pull you over on vacation; And in Florida they make that really easy. With almost no probable cause you can be stopped. While traveling down the highway a Florida cop can say that he smelled the odor of burning marijuana and pull you over.  Another famous one is the “No seat belt”. When someone has tinted windows it is almost impossible to see whether or not they are belted. Yet, in Florida “No seat belt” is cause to pull you over.    Good luck, stay safe andstay away from this guy and his buddies.

Posted by Deborah Jarrett

“MIAMI (CBSMiami) – A City of Miami police officer is on the wrong side of the law, facing a charge of cocaine possession.

Officer Adrian Santos is suspended with pay pending termination proceedings, according to Miami Police Chief Rodolfo Llanes who spoke at an afternoon news conference regarding the arrest.

Investigators say Santos was charged for allegedly snorting cocaine at E11EVEN nightclub in Miami on November 18th and it was captured on club surveillance video.

“It appears [to show] him bringing something to his nose, and sniffing the cocaine,” Llanes said of the surveillance footage.

Santos was detained by club bouncers and turned over to Miami Police.

“A forensic analysis positively indicated the white powdery substance as cocaine,” Llanes added.

A two and a half-year veteran, Santos was off-duty and out of uniform at the time.

Santos surrendered to authorities on January 8th and has since been released.”

Miami Police Officer Arrested On Cocaine Possession Charge

SF cop arrested for sexual assault

Who wants to control other people as a profession? Who wants to constantly wear the threat of violence and arrest?    Who are these people? They have more in common with rapists, bullies and wife beaters than they do with the average person. It is the type of person who is attracted to the job that makes it dangerous. Do you trust that the guy who pulls you over on a dark highway wearing a gun is A – Okay?      I know that I don’t and if you do you need to read some more of what is written on this website.

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“A San Francisco police officer was arrested on charges of sexual assault Monday, officials said.

Justin McCall, 30, of San Francisco, was booked into San Francisco County Jail on charges of sexual assault when the victim is prevented from resisting by an intoxicating substance and sexual assault of a victim who was unconscious or asleep, San Francisco police officials said.

The San Francisco Police Department’s internal affairs criminal division was notified of the allegation in September of 2017 and opened an investigation, officials said.

McCall, who was off duty at the time of the alleged assault, was removed from direct contact with the public and reassigned from his role in the Field Operations Bureau.”

Detroit: Victims family loses appeal in unjustified shooting death even though cop violated his constitutional rights


By Ed White

Seattle Times

DETROIT (AP) — A Detroit-area police officer who killed a motorist with three shots violated the man’s constitutional rights but still has immunity in a lawsuit over deadly force, a federal appeals court said.

In a 2-1 decision last week, the court said nothing appeared to justify the conduct of Ferndale officer Lowell Phillips at the end of a chase in 2010. Nonetheless, the court said a lawsuit by Laszlo Latits’ family must end.

The court said there was no case law, or legal precedent, at the time of the shooting that would help Latits’ family overcome governmental immunity in the case.

Latits was stopped by Ferndale police for a wrong turn. He subsequently drove off after officers suspected there were drugs in the car.

The chase eventually ended with police cars on three sides of Latits’ vehicle. With no one behind him, he slowly moved his car in reverse. Phillips then shot Latits, striking him with three bullets.

Latits “showed a persistent intent to flee but not an intent to injure, and never placed the public or the officers at imminent risk. … The shooting was not objectively reasonable,” said judges Jane Stranch and Timothy Black.

But the lawsuit won’t go forward. The court said there was no legal precedent in 2010 that fits the facts of the case and would benefit the slain man’s family.

In a partial dissent, Judge Eric Clay said Phillips “needlessly cost a person his life” and doesn’t deserve immunity. He said there’s plenty of legal precedent.

“The majority has created a nearly impenetrable barrier for plaintiffs seeking to vindicate their rights against governmental officials,” Clay said.


To serve: Broward deputy arrested for drug trafficking


The entire “Hero” by default theme needs to be re-written. Just because someone straps on a gun and uniform does not make them a hero.   Cops are just as likely to lie and break the law, if not more, than the average person. They get rewarded for their behavior because it is automatically assumed that they are telling the truth.   If you end up in court and hear sworn testimony by a “Sworn officer of the court” do not believe what they say without considering the cops contained on these pages.

“A Broward Sheriff’s deputy — who was acquitted on charges of stealing during a drug bust several years ago — is now facing a slew of new charges after detectives say he was involved in a drug-trafficking organization.

Albury Burrows, 47, who is stationed at the Port Everglades district, was arrested Monday while he was working. He faces 10 charges, including racketeering, using a two-way communication device to facilitate a felony, owning or renting a place for the purpose of trafficking drugs and tampering with evidence. His bond was set for $271,000.”

Hero of the week: Cop arrested after fiery hit and run

How about this guy? Sounds like a real winner doesn’t he? Yet for all of that he is re-hired after being fired for a cover up.    He worked right alongside his fellow cops and until the day he was fired he was a “Sworn officer of the court”.     Remember this guy if you ever get called to jury duty and the rest that are here on these pages.   Don’t take the word of someone who is given incentive to lie. Don’t convict a citizen of a crime because you believe what a “Hero” testifies to.  Hero is a deed, not a color.


“An Orlando police officer with a history of traffic citations was arrested Wednesday on charges related to a fiery hit-and-run crash on State Road 408 in November.

Frederick Rolle Jr. was not on duty when he crashed his own pickup into a toll plaza about 6 a.m. Nov. 18, said Sgt. Eduardo Bernal, an Orlando police spokesman.

After an investigation, detectives obtained an arrest warrant on charges of leaving the scene of an accident with injuries, leaving the scene of an accident with property damage, driving under the influence with property damage and driving under the influence. His vehicle was the only one involved in the crash.

Rolle turned himself in and is off duty with pay, Bernal said.

The officer was previously fired on allegations that he covered up an unauthorized police chase in 2015, documents show. He was rehired earlier this year during an arbitration process.

Records show Rolle has been given nine traffic citations in Orange County since 1999, including a 2016 charge of possessing an open container, which was ultimately dismissed.

He also was under internal investigation in 2015 after he was arrested in Missouri on a charge of driving while intoxicated, documents show. Prosecutors in Missouri declined to prosecute Rolle on the case”


Heroes of the week : 2 cops rape and sodomize handicapped women

Jonathan Perry Works and Brian Edward Walker were arrested Monday, Dec. 11, 2017 after a grand jury indicted them on multiple sex charges. The two men have since resigned from the Southside Police Department. (Etowah County Jail)()

“Two former police officers in Etowah County were arrested Monday night on sex crime charges.

Jonathan Perry Works, 41, of Gadsden, and Brian Edward Walker, 44, of Rainbow City were booked into the Etowah County Jail in the early evening, records show. Both worked at Southside Police Department and their arrests followed indictments that were issued earlier in the day.

Works is charged with two counts of first-degree rape and two counts of first-degree sodomy, state court records show.

The rape indictments against Works state he engaged in sexual intercourse with a member of the opposite sex who was incapable of consent by reason of being physically helpless or mentally incapacitated. On the sodomy charges, Works is accused of engaging in deviate sexual intercourse with a member of the opposite sex who was incapable of consent by reason of being physically helpless or mentally incapacitated.

The victim’s name was redacted and it wasn’t clear if all four counts involved the same victim or different victims. Works’ bond is set at $100,000.

Walker is charged with two counts of rape. According to the indictment, Walker did engage in sexual intercourse with a member of the opposite sex who was incapable of consent by reason of being physically helpless or mentally incapacitated or,  having a legal duty to prevent the commission of the offense, did fail to make an effort he is legally required to make.”

Real heroes aren’t they? These could be the guys pulling you over on a dark highway. What do you think made them want to be cops? They “Wanted to help people” ?  Is it that or did they have the desire to control people?   What normal person wants to put others under their control?  What normal person wants to wear a gun and force others to do their will?    Not very many. These “Heroes” have more in common with rapists, bullies and wife beaters than with the “Normal” person.   Just because someone puts on a uniform doesn’t make them a hero. It makes them a person who chose this job for a specific reason.

Hero of the week:Laguna Beach police officer arrested in fraud, elder abuse case

See that mug? That is the face of a hero. How do you know? Because he is a cop and wears blue.   Every day he goes out and risks his life to keep us safe.    Hero is a deed people, not a color.

Posted by Deborah Jarrett

FULLERTON – Three people – including a Laguna Beach policeman – were arrested this week on suspicion of defrauding two older relatives out of hundreds of thousands of dollars, police said on Friday.

The officer is 58-year-old Rock Wagner of Lake Forest. The other two suspects are his sister, Wendy Wagner, 55, and her boyfriend, Norman McBride, 58, both of Huntington Beach.

All three were arrested on suspicion of elder abuse and fraud.

Though Fullerton police would give few details about the case, they did reveal that the investigation began in June when they were told about the alleged misconduct by the Orange County District Attorney’s Office and Orange County Adult Protective Services.

Sgt. Jon Radus, Fullerton P.D.’s spokesman, said that agency took the lead on the investigation because a financial institution involved in the case is based out of that city.

Radus said that the victims, a man and woman, are relatives of the officer and his sister. The three suspects were arrested on Tuesday, Nov. 28.

The trio were booked into the Fullerton City Jail. They have since posted bail and been released. A representative with the District Attorney’s Office said no charges have been filed yet and declined to further discuss the case.

Wagner, a nine-year veteran of the Laguna Beach Police Department, is on paid administrative leave until an internal-affairs investigation is over, Chief Laura Farinella told the Register.