2 Hernando county Florida Deputies arrested for stealing from fallen officers fund

Sheriff’s investigators arrested and charged two Hernando County Sheriff’s Office employees accused of stealing tax dollars and donations to a fallen deputy memorial fund.

Deputy Michael Glatfelter, 51, of Brooksville, is accused of spending $14,000 during his time as treasurer of the Fraternal Order of Police’s local chapter.

Sgt. Joseph Reid, 41, Brooksville, is accused of spending roughly $2,700 in tax dollars usually used for undercover VICE drug buys.

The sheriff’s office opened an investigation on Glatfelter in August, four months after investigators were tipped off about accounting discrepancies.

Economic crimes detectives interviewed witnesses and FOP board members who explained that Glatfelter did not have permission to spend the organization’s money.

Based on the investigation, Sheriff Al Nienhuis said Glatfelter conducted about 60 ATM cash withdrawals totaling $8,300 and spent another $5,300 on the organization’s debit card.

“The most blatant suspicious transaction and potential criminal act was the removal of approximately $1,100 from the Scott Bierwiler Memorial Fund,” according to a news release on the arrests.

Bierwiler was killed nearly four years ago when a 16-year-old crashed into him while the deputy was on his way to work.

The rest of the story here from My Fox Tampa Bay: http://www.myfoxtampabay.com/story/24314249/2013/12/27/two-hernando-deputies-arrested

Does it get any more despicable than that?  No not really, at least not without stealing from handicapped children.

These are truly some of Hernando counties finest men in blue.

Do you think that any arrests that were made on the testimony of these two have been over turned?

Yeah, right.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg in Hernando county.

More to come later……

But in the mean time we will add the two HEROES ZEROES to the wall of U51695Joseph Reid

Hernando county wall of shame!!!

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