While you were asleep

While you slept your public servants became your masters.  I will start by using a word I truly hate ; “Lawmakers.”  You, us , the whole country, has been hijacked by statutes that are incredibly oppressive to a free people.  I will start by posting statutes and I will leave it up to the readers to decide  what use or why  these statutes even exist. They are in direct conflict with the bill of rights, the supreme law of our society .  I began to question this when I was told by a Hernando county police officer, deputy  that “you don’t have a 4th amendment  right anymore .”

I will now post my first statute and I will appreciate any in put to why such an oppressive piece of legislation is allowed to exist. We are the lawmakers,  they elected and  exist to serve us, not us them.  Please offer only insight not hate filled emotion I would like to actually accomplish something here. Think of it as the peoples think tank. You will need to read the bill of rights they are not hard to understand.  Here is an easy reading version:  http://www.ratical.org/co-globalize/BillOfRights.html.  Now here is the first statute  that we’ll examine and it is a beauty.

Florida 2014 statutes

843.02 Resisting officer without violence to his or her person.Whoever shall resist, obstruct, or oppose any officer as defined in s. 943.10(1), (2), (3), (6), (7), (8), or (9); member of the Florida Commission on Offender Review or any administrative aide or supervisor employed by the commission; county probation officer; parole and probation supervisor; personnel or representative of the Department of Law Enforcement; or other person legally authorized to execute process in the execution of legal process or in the lawful execution of any legal duty, without offering or doing violence to the person of the officer, shall be guilty of a misdemeanor of the first degree, punishable as provided in s. 775.082 or s. 775.083.

If you read the body of this statute you will notice that the language is unnecessarily vague.   Simply to” oppose ” an officer of the state can result in you being imprisoned for up to a year . Oppose is a very broad term and almost any action or thought that is not in agreement with an officer could be construed as “Opposing.”

op·pos′er n.
Synonyms: oppose, fight, combat, resist, contest
These verbs mean to try to thwart or defeat someone or prevent or nullify something. Oppose has the widest application: opposed the building of a nuclear power plant. “The idea is inconsistent with our constitutional theory and has been stubbornly opposed since the early days of the Republic” (E.B. White).
Fight and combat suggest vigor and aggressiveness: “All my life I have fought against prejudice and intolerance” (Harry S. Truman). “We are not afraid to tolerate any error so long as reason is left free to combat it” (Thomas Jefferson).
To resist is to strive to fend off or offset the actions, effects, or force of: “Pardon was freely extended to all who had resisted the invasion” (John R. Green).
To contest is to call something into question and take an active stand against it: contested her neighbor’s claims to her property in court.
So by merely asking “am I under arrest will buy you a trip to jail.”  So I ask you to define this language and get back with me and let me know is this the language of a free people ?

Thank You and lets drink some coffee we have a lot of work to do if we are to remain a free people.

Deborah Jarrett

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