Hernando county Florida, 5 deputies arrested in two weeks


The past couple of weeks have not been easy for Hernando County Sheriff Al Nienhuis.

Five of his deputies have been arrested and four of them are out of a job.

“Sometimes I could bite a nail in two I’m so angry,” Nienhuis said. “Disappointed because these individuals took an oath.”

According to investigators, Deputy William Martinez was involved in a sexual act with a woman in his patrol car. He was arrested for battery and false imprisonment and then fired.

The Martinez case is the most recent. Earlier this month, Detention Deputy Cody Marrone was arrested for burning a little boy with a hair dryer. In late December, two deputies were arrested for theft and another deputy was busted for DUI.

“We do hire people here and our people make mistakes and some of them may get through that have character flaws,” the sheriff said.


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