Man has stroke and crashes, cops pepper spray and Tase him

“A Fredericksburg police officer has resigned after attempting to tase and then using his pepper spray on a 34-year-old man who was suffering from a medical emergency during a traffic stop.

The Fredericksburg Police Department said Thursday that the incident occurred on May 4, near the intersection of Cowan Boulevard and Powhatan Street just off of Route 1.”

You know, you can never be too careful.

3 thoughts on “Man has stroke and crashes, cops pepper spray and Tase him

  1. I read your comment on OM’s site: I think your blog looks good. I like the theme you have chosen, it works well with the videos and photographs. I would be interested in separating (with different categories) stories where the government has taken action against police officers and ones where the police officer is still a risk. Also, I don’t know if its possible but I would be interested in how to follow some of the ongoing stories, such as when an officer is arrested, what happens next. I guess I am thinking your blog will become a valuable resource but maybe you don’t see that way. Please feel welcome to make comments on my blog too, it needs improving, though its about an adventure across africa so not sure if it will interest you. Good luck though, it looks like important work.


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