Cleveland Police Promise To Stop ‘Pistol-Whipping’ Suspects As Part of Justice Department Agreement

Posted by Deborah Lee Jarrett

“In breaking news, the Cleveland police department has announced that it will stop “pistol-whipping” suspects as part of their deal with the U.S. Department of Justice.

The deal, known as a “consent decree”, says that officers will stop hitting suspects anywhere on their heads and faces from now on. They also promise to document any time a weapon is unholstered.

The DOJ found during the course of their 21-month investigation, that the Cleveland police commonly pistol-whip and otherwise bash suspects on the heads with their firearms.

In some cases, there have actually been accidental discharges resulting from these pistol-whipping incidences, according to the 58-page report released in December.

Tuesday’s announcement comes after five months of negotiations between the U.S. Department of Justice and the Cleveland Police. As for the new “consent decree,” it says the following.

“The policy will expressly provide that using a firearm as an impact weapon is never an authorized tactic. Officers will be trained that use of a firearm as an impact weapon could result in death to suspects, bystanders and themselves.”

Part of the decree mandates the officers cannot draw their weapons unless they believe lethal force is necessary. They cannot draw a weapon just to intimidate a suspect.”

I really think that Andy Griffith would frown on the practice of pistol whipping the good people of Mayberry…. Don’t you?

What kind of sick, psychopathic scum would have ever thought that pistol whipping was appropriate?

This is the state today of our freedom and our law enforcement agencies.

Remember this the next time you have an encounter with LEO.

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