New york cop pepper sprays, arrests man for giving him the finger

Posted by Deborah Lee Jarrett

May 18, 2015     “Saratoga Springs police released the camera they had confiscated on Saturday, showing officer Nathan Baker pepper spraying a man sitting in his car before grabbing the man’s arm and twisting it out the window.

Officer Baker claimed he was arresting Adam Rupeka for disorderly conduct. Rupeka had flipped him off while driving past him.

And while the New York statute for disorderly conduct includes a line about making an “obscene gesture,”  the  2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, which encompasses New York, ruled that flipping cops off is protected by the Constitution.

And that is just one of many court rulings that decided the same, so Baker should have known better.

But he didn’t know or seemed to care, which, of course, gives us even more reason to want to flip him off.

But Baker was the one punished, if you want to call it that,  when he was placed on paid administrative leave this week after police viewed the video.”

Photography is not a crime :

I know what I posted yesterday. It makes it pretty clear that the cop knew too. They also , contrary to recent supreme court rulings, confiscated his cell phone.

This guy definitely gets a ” Bad cop, no donut” award.

Court: Flipping a cop off does not warrant arrest

Posted by Deborah Lee Jarrett

“A New York man arrested after he gave the finger to a police officer can sue police for malicious prosecution, a federal appeals court ruled Thursday, overturning a lower-court decision that deemed the officer’s response reasonable.

In its decision, the 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals said that giving someone the finger is an “ancient gesture of insult” and “is not the basis for a reasonable suspicion of a traffic violation or impending criminal activity.”

The incident took place in May 2006, court documents say, when John Swartz and his wife, Judy Mayton-Swartz, were driving through the upstate village of St. Johnsville, N.Y., to the home of Judy’s son.

Swartz was in the passenger seat when he noticed a local officer, Richard Insogna, in a police car using a radar device. Expressing his displeasure, Swartz reached “his right arm outside the passenger side window and extending his middle finger over the car’s roof,” according to court documents.

The couple continued their drive. They were not speeding or committing other traffic violations, but upon reaching their destination and getting out of the car, they saw an approaching police car with its lights flashing.

Ordering them to get back into the vehicle, Insogna told the couple this was a traffic stop and requested their documents. Swartz told his wife not to show the officer anything, prompting Insogna to say, “Shut your mouth, your ass is in enough trouble.” Then, after checking the woman’s license and registration, Insogna called for backup, according to court documents. Three other officers soon appeared.

After being told he and his wife were free to go, Swartz tried to speak with Insogna, but the other officers stepped in front of him.

Swartz was arrested after he either muttered or shouted, depending on whose account one reads, that he felt “like an ass.”
At the station, he was told he had been arrested for disorderly conduct, a charge that was later dismissed.

Swartz’s lawyer, Elmer Robert Keach III, praised the court’s decision, The Associated Press reported.

“It reaffirms that just because you insult a police officer [it] doesn’t give that police officer the right to detain you or arrest you and take away your liberty,” Keach told The AP, calling the decision an “important victory for civil rights.”

NBC news :

What  can I say that is more eloquent than the statement made by the late and great Johnny Cash?

Hernando county Florida – Man kills himself in vehicle, Deputy returns fire

“SPRING HILL, Fla. – A Hernando County deputy fired his gun toward a vehicle early Friday morning after a man inside shot himself”

“Around 2:41 a.m., Hernando County deputies found the man in a white SUV in the 7-11 parking lot at Berkeley Manor Boulevard and Commercial Way.

As deputies were approaching, a shot was fired from within the vehicle. In response, one deputy returned fire.  Dispatchers were advised at 2:42 a.m. that “shots were fired.”

Deputies said a white man was inside with self- inflicted gunshot wounds.  He later died at the hospital.”

ABC action news:

Thanks to a quick thinking deputy it was assured that the man did not survive……..

Where do they find these guys?

Hernando county Sheriffs deputy arrested for battery and false imprisonment

“Spring Hill, Florida — The Hernando County Sheriff’s Office says a patrol deputy has been arrested for battery and false imprisonment after alleged inappropriate conduct with a traffic accident victim.

Deputy William Martinez was reportedly backing up the Florida Highway Patrol during a single vehicle accident on Deltona Blvd. and Founder Road on Jan. 23 when the incident happened.

According to witness statements, once the FHP trooper completed the accident investigation, Deputy Martinez gave the accident victim a ride home.

The victim went to the Hernando County Sheriff’s Office the next day and claimed inappropriate conduct and contact with Deputy Martinez occurred during her ride home.

The sheriff’s office says Deputy Martinez originally denied any type of inappropriate conduct and/or contact.

The victim reportedly submitted physical evidence to authorities, however, that proves the deputy was lying about the encounter.”

From WTSP 10 news :

In annual reviews, Martinez consistently met or exceeded standards and was praised for his performance.

His most recent review praised Martinez for teaming up with other patrol squad deputies to pursue wanted subjects. Martinez could be counted on as a supervisor, and acted as a mentor to younger officers, the report stated.

Martinez was named deputy of the year in 2002, and has received the medal of valor.

Among the many accolades include saving two lost hikers in the Chassahowitzka Wildlife Management Area, according to a letter from the Florida Fish and Wildlife conservation commission. (1)

                 Posted by Deborah Lee Jarrett

(1) Hernando today Jan. 28 2014

Hernando county Florida corrections officer arrested for burning 3 Yr. olds genitals with hair dryer

Courtesy Deborah Lee Jarrett

“HERNANDO COUNTY, FL – Police have accused  detention Deputy Cody Marrone, a 21-year-old corrections officer, of punishing his girlfriend’s 3-year-old son by repeatedly burning his genitals with a hair dryer.

Meghan Sherron said it was routine for her to leave for work while her longtime, live-in boyfriend would take him to daycare. But last Friday, Marrone called her at work to inform her that her son’s genitals were swollen.

She had Marrone come to her work so she could see what he was talking about and found that her son’s genitals were swollen to the size of a softball. She also noticed burn marks to his thigh, buttocks and chest.

“When I saw the marks on his behind, I thought, that looks like my blow dryer,” she said. When she asked Marrone what the hell happened to her kid’s junk, he went through several different stories including; he woke up and found him that way, he blacked out and doesn’t remember, and that he simply snapped.

The boy was rushed to Tampa General Hospital where doctors would find the boy was suffering from second-degree burns. They called the Department of Children and Families who also notified police.”

From The dreamin’ demon:

This guy is a special kind of sick and it goes to show the mentality of the people who occupy these positions. Ask yourself this question : What was it that drew him to law enforcement in the first place and specifically to being a corrections officer?

The type of personality that enjoys power and control is the same type of personality that is drawn to law enforcement.

According to the purple berets, a California women’s advocacy group,

Domestic violence is 2 to 4 times more common in police families than in the general population. In two separate studies, 40% of police officers self-report that they have used violence against their domestic partners within the last year. In the general population, it’s estimated that domestic violence occurs in about 10% of families”

It is a dangerous mix to take a type of personality that is more prone to abuse and put that person in a position of power.

Hernando county has a long history of Deputies being arrested for abusing their position and power and being outright liars, victimizers and thieves.

Nothing will change though until all of the current, long time deputies are replaced and the culture of corruption comes to an end.

Tampa police issue 10,000 bicycle tickets, 79% to blacks who only make up 1/4 of the population

Courtesy Deborah Lee Jarrett

” A Tampa Bay Times investigation has found that Tampa police are targeting poor, black neighborhoods with obscure subsections of a Florida statute that outlaws things most people have tried on a bike, like riding with no light or carrying a friend on the handlebars.

Officers use these minor violations as an excuse to stop, question and search almost anyone on wheels. The department doesn’t just condone these stops, it encourages them, pushing officers who patrol high-crime neighborhoods to do as many as possible.

There was the 56-year-old man who rode his bike through a stop sign while pulling a lawnmower. Police handcuffed him while verifying he had, indeed, borrowed the mower from a friend.

There was the 54-year-old man whose bike was confiscated because he couldn’t produce a receipt to prove it was his.

One woman was walking her bike home after cooking for an elderly neighbor. She said she was balancing a plate of fish and grits in one hand when an officer flagged her down and issued her a $51 ticket for not having a light. With late fees, it has since ballooned to $90. She doesn’t have the money to pay.

The Times analyzed more than 10,000 bicycle tickets Tampa police issued in the past dozen years. The newspaper found that even though blacks make up about a quarter of the city’s population, they received 79 percent of the bike tickets.

Some riders have been stopped more than a dozen times through the years, and issued as many as 17 tickets. Some have been ticketed three times in one day.

It’s possible blacks in some areas use bicycles more than whites. But that’s not what’s driving the disparity.

Police are targeting certain high-crime neighborhoods and nitpicking cyclists as a way to curb crime. They hope they will catch someone with a stolen bike or with drugs or that they will scare thieves away.”

Tampa Bay Times:—if-youre-black/2225966