Florida teens with suicide pack shoot cop who pulled them over for equipment violation

“There was nothing, from what we can tell at this point, that gave any indication of any type of incident that was going to occur.  The trooper was simply talking to them about their lights,” Brevard County Sheriff Wayne Ivey said. “We don’t know what prompted the individual to start shooting at the trooper.  Obviously, that is one of the things that our agents will be focused on, trying to figure out what led to that moment.”

Terryn, of Palm Bay, died in the shooting. Deputies said McNeil and Terryn were dating and had allegedly established a plan to drive to Ohio, where McNeil is from, and commit suicide.

McNeil took a handgun and money from a relative’s residence and had started driving north on I-95 in McNeil’s vehicle. After the shooting, McNeil attempted to flee the scene and struck a boat that was being pulled by a pickup truck on SR 520.”


Guess a cop never knows who they are going to pull over or what they might be going through.

I wonder why the kid hated cops so much?

At least on the upside for the trooper, the kid hadn’t been practicing zombie kills.

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