Deputy beats woman who wanted tampon, lies and files false charges


Broward County sheriff’s correctional deputies battered and bruised Audra West while she was held in jail last year. The question is: was the beating necessary to restrain West or was it handed out by a deputy who wanted to teach her a lesson?

West, a tourist from Texas, admits she cursed at Deputy Kristin Connelly about 10 hours after she was arrested on disorderly conduct and resisting arrest charges at the Elbo Room on Fort Lauderdale Beach, where she had too much to drink.

West said she began menstruating while wearing nothing but her jail jumpsuit and asked for a tampon. When Connelly told her to ask nicely, West did, but Connelly still refused (the jail doesn’t give out tampons, only sanitary pads). That’s when West told Connelly, “(expletive) you.”

“A newly-released video shows what happened next. Connelly, standing behind a desk, begins putting on latex gloves and approaches West. Deputy Henry Lawrence tries to block Connelly from getting to West. A witness also seen in the video, an inmate who spoke with Local 10 on condition her name not be used, testified that Lawrence told his fellow deputy, “Don’t do it, don’t do it.” But Connelly gets past Lawrence and the moment she snaps on the second glove, she snatches West from her chair and begins to wrench her across the room.”

Connelly and Lawrence push West onto a desk and then onto the floor, where Connelly controls her and pushes West into a small changing/strip search room. Deputies Joyce Johnson and Dorothy Jenkins immediately follow her inside the room, which is not equipped with a video camera, and the door is closed. West is escorted out by Connelly and Johnson about 3 1/2 minutes later. West suffers the brunt of her injuries — a badly blackened eye and bruises about her body — while inside the room.

“I was on the floor on my stomach and (Connelly) punched me on this side of the face,” said West. “And I was being kicked and stepped on from behind, and she was punching me in the face. She punched me in the eye several times.”

the only report initially filed on the incident by deputies was an “inmate disciplinary report,” done by Johnson for West, who complained of being attacked by Connelly and the other deputies. In it, Johnson wrote that West refused to enter the dressing room to change into a different-colored North Broward Detention Facility uniform and was verbally disruptive.

“When Deputy Connelly attempted to escort West, she attacked Connelly,” wrote Johnson.

The file indicates that Connelly wrote nothing about the incident. Six days later, West filed an internal affairs complaint against Connelly and the other deputies, and the BSO began an investigation. The following day, Connelly filed a probable cause affidavit filing criminal charges against West, alleging she had assaulted her and resisted arrest. She alleged suffered a facial injury and skinned knees in the altercation, injuries she failed to report at the time.”

Excerpted from Local here:

At least she went home safe , right?

Remember this the next time you deal with police. If things don’t fit their narrative they WILL lie about it to make it fit.

More importantly, remember this if you are called up to jury duty. Go ahead be a juror and do your civic duty.

And when you do, make sure that the citizen on trial, the one who could be you, may have a string of false charges against them.

Remember that a lot cops lie all of the time and use their position and power vindictively against innocent citizens.

Vote not guilty when the case rests on police testimony.

This isn’t Mayberry anymore and Both Andy and Barney are long dead. This is the new militarized police force that has armored vehicles, assault weapons and paramilitary training.

Don’t take a cops word for it simply because he is a “Sworn officer of the court” because that means nothing. If it did I would not be writing this blog.

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