Drunk cop asked to leave casino, beats canine partner in parking lot

Security workers claimed they had asked Berry to leave the casino before observing him returning back to his room to collect his things with his K-9 partner.

The surveillance footage shows an obviously upset Berry pick the animal up by its collar, throw it on the ground, and repeatedly punch it in the face.

The docile canine can been seen trotting beside its handler, waging its tail, as it endures abuse that would make any pet owner cringe.

After the attack escalates, the dog is able to escape, and runs back to the casino. The footage shows Berry run after the animal before striking it multiple times outside a vestibule, police say.

Berry was initially asked to leave the premises, for making “some unwanted advances” and “appeared to be under the influence” of alcohol, security staff said, adding that he “repeatedly made obscene gestures towards personnel” after he was first confronted and told to leave.

Ramsey County officials say he was sent home from the trials, and put on administrative leave. He was charged with assaulting a public safety dog and animal cruelty.”

The rest about the degenerate in blue here: http://www.copblock.org/130571/drunk-minnesota-deputy-filmed-beating-k-9-charged-with-animal-cruelty/

What a hero in blue.

I am sure that if he had a wife he would go home and knock her around at night.

Apparently he doesn’t and since there were no citizens around to take his anger out on, he had to kick the dog around.

What a bucket of human chum.

Being in blue doesn’t make you a hero.

Wearing a badge doesn’t make you a good guy.

Bullies love to order people around and be in charge.

Remember this the next time you have to take a cop’s word over that of your fellow citizen.

If you do get called to jury duty, do your civic duty

And acquit

Or take the word of the hero in blue


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