Another Florida cop proven to be a liar

released a series of internal affairs reports detailing investigations into workers compensation fraud and an off-duty officer’s involvement in a one-car accident while under the influence of alcohol.

A Clearwater police officer exaggerated the extent of an on-the-job injury and inappropriately received workers compensation benefits, a department report concluded.

In September 2013, Officer Brian Jerard reported a work injury, the nature of which was removed from a report released Wednesday, and received extensive medical treatment. As of June 2, 2014, about $59,507 was paid toward the injury claim, including $29,376 paid directly to the officer.

Jerard knowingly misrepresented the extent of his injury and made false statements to doctors and those processing his claim, police officials said.

Pinellas County prosecutors dropped a corresponding insurance fraud case when Jerard agreed to resign from his post.

During Jerard’s medical treatment, doctors reported they began to suspect this injuries were not as severe as he was telling them and city officials. State investigators reviewed video surveillance of Jerard pushing a cart and loading groceries without visible pain and completing other tasks.

In January 2014 video shows Jerard limping to and from his car outside a doctor’s office, but video surveillance recorded later the same day shows Jerard dragging two trash cans up his driveway with no limp.

In March 2014, a video captured Jerard pushing a cart containing a bathroom counter top, several boxes of large tile and a boxed sink, and unloading the items into his garage without assistance.

Doctors who treated Jerard viewed the videos, and said his activities were a “stark contrast with what he had been reporting and displaying to them,” the police report says.

Confronted with the evidence against him, Jerard, who was hired in December 2002, resigned from the department last week.”

From the Suncoast news, More here:

One simple question; Has any testimony he ever given been rescinded?

This sworn officer of the court has been proven a liar and anyone convicted on his testimony should now be cleared.

It is quite commonplace that cops lie when they make their reports fit their narrative.

Just remember if you are called to jury duty, do your civic duty and then acquit if the basis of the complaint is a cops testimony.

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