Florida Judge Defies First Amendment and Breaks Oath – Just in Time for July 4th Holiday

“It is CRUCIAL that we as citizens exorcise from Florida’s judiciary the ‘Honorable’ Judge Mark Mahon.

He should be disbarred too.

Judge Mahon is the Interim Chief Judge of Florida’s 4th Circuit Court based in Jacksonville.

He was appointed to that position last year after serving in Florida’s legislature.

The Florida Judge issued an order this week in direct violation of the most basic American Constitutionally protected First Amendment Rights; the Rights of free speech and the Right to petition our government for redress of grievances. (complete copy at bottom)

The thin skinned Judge simultaneously banned opinion, petition and criticism in public.

His order (as recorded into public record below) specifically calls for “No speech that ‘degrade[s] or call[s] into question the integrity’ of judges on courthouse sidewalks”.

The legal specifics of why Mahon’s order defies the governing document of the land can be found within The Volokh Conspiracy’s article of the same name as seen in the Washington Post.

Florida’s Judicial Qualifications Commission requires a signed complaint form, which can be filled in electronically, then sent by mail.

Already, this illegal order has caused Law Enforcement Officers to threaten PINAC journalists with arrest for nothing more than recording from public sidewalks nearby the Jacksonville Courthouse.

How can we allow Judge to rule from on high, when he cannot understand the most basic Constitutional tenets to which he owes loyalty under oath?”

The rest here at PINAC : http://photographyisnotacrime.com/opinion/2015/07/04/florida-judge-defies-1st-amendment-and-breaks-oath-just-in-time-for-july-4th-holiday/

These black robed scumbags actually think that they are above the law. I sat in an open court one time and was told, after my attorney objected to the judges behavior, “I am a judge, I can do anything I want”

They sit on that bench, insulated by the security of armed men, playing God with people’s lives and thinking that they are untouchable.

But they are not.

They are simply men with an inflated sense of self importance

They shop at the neighborhood grocery store

They live nearby in gated communities

They visit their children and grand children on Sundays

If you see this judge make sure that you let him know how you feel

And make sure that you degrade him and call his integrity into question

After all he is a scumbag

Because only a scumbag would write an order like that

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