NYPD sergeant suspended after allegedly throwing semen on female co-worker he was ‘enamored’ with, sources say

“An NYPD sergeant has been suspended after a co-worker claimed he threw semen on her inside of police headquarters, police sources said Tuesday.

The sergeant, identified as Michael Iscenko, 54, allegedly tossed semen on the unidentified woman near a freight elevator at 1 Police Plaza, according to the reports.

The victim — who worked with Iscenko in the Organized Crime Control Bureau — reported the recent incident immediately after it happened, police sources said.

The substance that was splattered on her was tested and determined to be semen, a police source said. It had not yet been determined if it was Iscenko’s semen.

Iscenko had previously told the co-worker he liked her, a police source said.”


A hero in blue

A sworn officer of the court whose testimony will be taken as fact over that of a citizen

A man worthy of promotion to sergeant

Do you get it yet?

These people are like the brown shirts in Germany

They are liars, thugs, sadists and abusers on a power trip

They are not Andy Griffith

They are in fact, according to statistics published by the purple berets, 4 times more likely to be domestic abusers

They are also much less likely to be charged

Remember this the next time you look at one

Remember this when you hear about a “Sworn officer of the courts” testimony

But, on the upside at least he went home safe


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