Video: Tough guy cop threatens young boy , calls him and his mother “Pieces of sh@t”

“Dallas, TX — A Dallas SWAT officer was caught on camera threatening to break a young boy’s neck while calling him and his mother pieces of sh*t.

This stand-up cop, Terigi Rossi, was regularly featured on the TV Show, Dallas SWAT. Ironically enough, this cop had no idea he was ‘on TV’ while assaulting and threatening a woman and child.

Rossi was demoted from SWAT in 2013 after he was found asleep on the job. Since then, he’s been on the regular beat and has taken to the streets to abuse women and children.

In October 2014, a woman called 9-1-1 because her car had been towed from her apartment complex. The woman thought the call was over, so she hung up the phone. However, police considered this a 9-1-1 hang up and sent Rossi and his partner Cpl Stacy Ward to investigate.

When they showed up, Ward was cordial while Rossi seemingly treated the situation like a SWAT raid.

When the woman answered the door, she explained to the officers that she thought the call was over, so she hung up and that there was no problem.

According to his police report, Rossi said the woman became combative and was banging on the door, so he placed her under arrest. However, Rossi’s partner, Ward’s account says the exact opposite, and that the woman was not combative or violent in any way.

After seeing his stepmother taken from her house and handcuffed, the young boy, with the highest level of respect, went to ask the officer why she was being arrested.

“Don’t look at her. Look at me, cause then I’ll take you downtown, then you gotta talk, then you’re gonna go to foster care. Okay. I need to know what happened here because right now, she’s going to jail,” says Rossi, which later turns out to be nothing but lies.

“For doing what?” asks the boy.

“For not listening to me.You can act like a tough guy all you want. Okay, she’s going to jail no matter what,” lies Rossi again.”

The rest here:

How many videos like this are people going to have to see before they realize that theses are not “Just a few bad apples”?

How many stories about abuse, rape, beatings and cruelty is it going to take to convince people that our “Public servants” are out of control tyrants?

These are the same individuals who as “Sworn officers of the court” are assumed to be telling the truth instead of the citizen they testify against

This needs to change and the perception that just because someone wears a blue uniform and straps on a gun is a hero, needs to change too.

Florida Judge Defies First Amendment and Breaks Oath – Just in Time for July 4th Holiday

“It is CRUCIAL that we as citizens exorcise from Florida’s judiciary the ‘Honorable’ Judge Mark Mahon.

He should be disbarred too.

Judge Mahon is the Interim Chief Judge of Florida’s 4th Circuit Court based in Jacksonville.

He was appointed to that position last year after serving in Florida’s legislature.

The Florida Judge issued an order this week in direct violation of the most basic American Constitutionally protected First Amendment Rights; the Rights of free speech and the Right to petition our government for redress of grievances. (complete copy at bottom)

The thin skinned Judge simultaneously banned opinion, petition and criticism in public.

His order (as recorded into public record below) specifically calls for “No speech that ‘degrade[s] or call[s] into question the integrity’ of judges on courthouse sidewalks”.

The legal specifics of why Mahon’s order defies the governing document of the land can be found within The Volokh Conspiracy’s article of the same name as seen in the Washington Post.

Florida’s Judicial Qualifications Commission requires a signed complaint form, which can be filled in electronically, then sent by mail.

Already, this illegal order has caused Law Enforcement Officers to threaten PINAC journalists with arrest for nothing more than recording from public sidewalks nearby the Jacksonville Courthouse.

How can we allow Judge to rule from on high, when he cannot understand the most basic Constitutional tenets to which he owes loyalty under oath?”

The rest here at PINAC :

These black robed scumbags actually think that they are above the law. I sat in an open court one time and was told, after my attorney objected to the judges behavior, “I am a judge, I can do anything I want”

They sit on that bench, insulated by the security of armed men, playing God with people’s lives and thinking that they are untouchable.

But they are not.

They are simply men with an inflated sense of self importance

They shop at the neighborhood grocery store

They live nearby in gated communities

They visit their children and grand children on Sundays

If you see this judge make sure that you let him know how you feel

And make sure that you degrade him and call his integrity into question

After all he is a scumbag

Because only a scumbag would write an order like that

NYPD cop arrested 3 times in 8 months and is still employed

“A 29-year-old NYPD officer was arrested this week after she crashed her unregistered motorcycle into two cars on Staten Island, and police found she was carrying drug paraphernalia on her. And this marks the third serious arrest for Stacey Staniland in the past eight months—and despite all these incidents, she still works for the department.

Staniland, whose helmet reads “Little Miss Dangerous,” was riding a motorcycle around 11 p.m. Tuesday night on Davis Avenue according to SILive. She lost control as she turned onto Henderson Avenue, striking two vehicles waiting at a red light. When police arrived, they spotted drug paraphernalia, including a silver spoon, a syringe and drug residue, on her. She was arrested and charged with criminal possession of a controlled substance and possession of a hypodermic instrument.”

What a hero! At least she went home safe to her family.

This is the caliber of the people who now inhabit the nations police departments

Criminals, bullies,thugs and abusers.

Just a few bad apples?

No, a bushel basket full of them

There are more stories out there than I can write about about

Mayberry was never real

And Andy Griffith is dead

What you see now is the face of the police state

The man behind that badge is the representative of tyranny


No, criminal and thug is more like it

Remember, when you see one of these bullies attempting to take a citizens rights away, to film them and get as many people as possible to watch

In addition to being bullies, cops are cowards and are frightened whenever they are out numbered

They really love crowds

When they are not in control they go into panic

Did you know that cops are 4 times more likely to be domestic abusers then the average citizen?

They are

Speak up when you see one trying to bully your fellow citizen

Let them know what you think about their tactics

Do you think someone just wakes up one day and says I want a pair of handcuffs , a nightstick and a gun?

Florida cop arrested after poiting gun at someone in road rage incident

Deputy threatened to shoot other driver, police say


A Lake County sheriff’s deputy was arrested on Monday night by Mount Dora police in a road-rage incident.

Detention Deputy Thomas Thompson was arrested on charges of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and improper exhibition of a firearm.

According to deputies, Thompson confronted another driver, pointed a firearm at the driver and threatened to shoot him.”

The whole story here from Click Orlando :

Florida sure does have a propensity for finding scumbags to put in blue uniforms. At least this hero got to go go home safe.

Oh! That’s right, he didn’t.

Remember this sworn officer of the court the next time you see someone being arrested or harassed by cops.

Make sure you film them because the chances are they are going to lie about what happened to make it fit their narrative.

Get it on video so  it will minimize the damage done to some citizen.

Make sure that you call others over to film also so you will not be singled out (And possibly assaulted or arrested)

Cops love crowds and the more people you assemble the better

These people are cowards and bullies and as soon as they are outnumbered they fear for their life

These are the heroes in blue that protect our streets

Sadists, liars, bullies, thugs and cowards

Way to go Florida Posted by Deborah Lee Jarrett