Cop gets pistol whipped, bystanders take photos

“It all started when the detective, driving an unmarked car, pulled over Janard Shamar Cunningham for a traffic violation. Cunningham was told to stay in his car while the detective waited on a marked patrol car to come to the scene. However, Cunningham ignored this order, exited his vehicle and attacked the officer. At some point during the altercation, Cunningham gained control of the officer’s handgun. He then used it to repeatedly strike the officer in the head until he was unconscious.

Cunningham fled the scene, but police tracked down his vehicle and setup a perimeter around an entire neighborhood while the US Marshals used tracking dogs to find Cunningham. He was arrested without incident.”

The rest here:

My last post was about cops not doing anything when another cop was misbehaving

This time the shoe is on the other foot

Citizens not doing anything while a cop is pistol whipped

I wonder why they didn’t help him?

After all he is a hero, Right?

I am sure that he never stomped on anyone’s rights

But I guess the onlookers didn’t see it that way

I guess they figured that he was an abusive scumbag that deserved whatever was dished out to him

I wonder what would make them think that?

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