Police chief pleads guilty after embezzling car with vanity plates that read “Ncustody”

Facing a hung jury,  King City police chief pleads no contest.

Posted: Wednesday, July 29, 2015 6:30 pm

After a three-week trial and two days of deliberations, a jury was unable to reach a decision in the case of Nick Baldiviez, the retired King City police chief who was arrested in a February 2014 sweep.

Faced with the prospect of a whole new trial, Baldiviez reached a plea deal with prosecutors. Wednesday afternoon, he pleaded no contest to two misdemeanor counts, one for embezzlement of a police car and one of obstruction of justice for lying to investigators.

Baldiviez was on trial for charges of felony embezzlement and felony perjury.

He will be back in court Sept. 16 for sentencing, and faces up to two years in jail.

Baldiviez became the sixth of seven people arrested in King City on Feb. 25, 2014 to agree to a plea deal. Officer Bobby Carrillo is still on target to go to trial, with a court appearance scheduled for Aug. 11.

At issue in Baldiviez’s case was whether he signed DMV paperwork transferring a King City police car from the city to Police Officer Mario Mottu, Sr.

Investigators found the souped-up police car with Lamborghini doors and a custom paint job (that had Mottu’s name painted in elaborate script) in Mottu’s garage.

He’s invested some $6,000 of his own money on the paint job, rims and vanity plates that read “NCUSTODY.”

Mottu pleaded no contest to two counts of embezzlement, one felony and one misdemeanor, for accepting the police car. ”

The rest here: http://www.montereycountyweekly.com/blogs/news_blog/facing-a-hung-jury-retired-king-city-police-chief-pleads/article_922181bc-365a-11e5-833e-a72b0ef45c0b.html

This is the moral character of the “Heroes in blue”

Remember this guy the next time a cop is trying to get moral with you

Remember this guy when you go to tell your kid who the cops are

Remember this guy if you are ever on a jury and hear a cop’s testimony

These people are liars, abusers and thugs

Remember this guy if you ever see a cop giving someone a hard time

Make sure that any encounter you have with them you are aware of who they are and that you are in danger

Film them at all times or they will lie

But most of all remember this:

As long as they go safely home at night

Everything is all right

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