Two men shoot Florida wildlife officer and run him over with his own boat

“Authorities in the Florida Panhandle arrested two men for a brutal attack on a state wildlife officer last Friday. The men were charged with shooting the officer and then running him over with his own patrol boat, county officials reported.

On Friday, the Bay County Sheriff’s Office said that Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission Officer David Brady approached the pair after calls about a disturbance. The confrontation quickly turned to violence when the officer asked for identification and one man allegedly went into the cabin of a sailboat and returned with his gun.

Officer Brady reported that he jumped into the water and began to return fire, hitting 18-year-old Samuel Wyndham Reager in the hand. Reager and cohort Lachlan Fain Akins, 20, then jumped into officer Brady’s boat and tried several times to run him over.

The accused pair boated off and ditched the officer’s craft in nearby Panama City, Florida. There the two allegedly broke into a man’s home where they were discovered by police.

Reager and Akins were quickly arrested and were found with officer Brady’s handgun.

Brady was hit in the side with one bullet, but the slug was stopped by his bulletproof vest. He also suffered a wound to his shoulder. He was treated and released from the hospital that same evening.”

Sounds like that is going to leave a mark!

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