Fort Myers Police Chief Doug Baker fired for lying

“Fort Myers, FL –

Fort Myers Police Chief Doug Baker has been fired after a member of his department accused him of lying in the investigation of NFL player Nate Allen.

City Manager William P. Mitchell made the announcement in a memo Friday morning writing, “Because it is my judgment as City Manager that a change in leadership is necessary to enable the City of Fort Myers Police Department to continue to move forward, I am terminating the employment contract of Douglas E. Baker as Police Chief effective immediately.”

It’s the culmination of months of investigation that started when NFL player Nate Allen was wrongfully arrested by Fort Myers Police officers.

Baker tells us he is disappointed that the city manager fired him, but he has the utmost respect for city leaders.

Investigation into phone records

A communications specialist was hired to investigate Baker’s phone records.  They discovered Baker lied during an internal affairs investigation into Allen’s arrest back in February.  The Cape Coral native was falsely accused of exposing himself to a teenage girl back in February.

Baker said he talked to Captain Duke Perry just before nine that night in February.  But that never happened, according to the communications specialist. ”

So, what is surprising about this?

Absolutely nothing, that’s what

Every hour of the day cops lie to make the story fit their narrative and innocent people go to jail or prison

Do you think that anyone he testified against have been released from jail?

No, of course they haven’t

Liars , thugs, abusers and sociopaths

Any of the good ones have to get out of the profession when they see what it is really about

Remember this liar the next time you see a cop

Remember this liar, this hero who was good enough to be chief, if you are ever called to jury duty

Remember this liar if you are ever pulled over on a dark lonely road late at night

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