Orlando Florida cop caught on video beating homeless man bloody

“Video has surfaced showing an Orlando cop beating a homeless man bloody as he tries to defend himself in a vacant lot near the corner of Ossie Street and Parramore Avenue on Wednesday.

The footage shows 44-year-old Terre Johnson mounted by officer James Wilson who pins him to the ground, grabs his head and grinds it into the pavement as the man attempts to ward off the cop.

Bystanders who can be heard on the video protesting the officers actions say the attack was completely unprovoked and that Wilson started the fight.”

The rest here at cop block: http://www.copblock.org/139147/

Florida is a great place to be cop. That is if you like to lie , cheat, steal and beat people half to death.

Every single day more than one of Florida’s finest is arrested for some type of corruption

And every day those very same cops sit in the court room and give testimony against citizens

It’s their word against yours and they are ” Sworn officers of the court”

Trust me, they would never lie

(That’s why they have a word for it “Testi-lying”)

It has gotten so bad that the old adages”A few bad apples” no longer applies

Now it is a couple of good ones are left and they can’t wait to retire out

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