Heroes in blue : 12 Florida troopers caught bilking overtime

“A dozen Florida Highway Patrol troopers from Tallahassee to Miami were fired, forced to retire or otherwise disciplined after an in-house investigation into whether they were billing the agency for hours they spent working from home, eating at restaurants and visiting girlfriends and relatives.

The disciplinary action came as part of a probe into the agency’s Statewide Overtime Action Response program, which is designed to beef up traffic enforcement in high-priority areas, including Interstate 10 in Leon County. Troopers, who are paid time and a half to patrol the areas, are expected to aggressively enforce traffic laws when working SOAR.”

“Several of the troopers were longtime veterans of the agency, with 30-plus years of service.

  • Troopers reported SOAR overtime while visiting their parents, wives or girlfriends at their homes and workplaces.
  • Troopers claimed regular and overtime hours while they were at home and restaurants.
  • Troopers failed to radio in that they were going off or back on duty while taking meal breaks at restaurants.
  • Troopers failed to activate their Automatic Vehicle Locators, designed to track their movements, and in some cases deactivated them.
  • The rest here : http://www.wtsp.com/story/news/local/florida/2015/09/03/state-troopers-fired-forced-retire-overtime-probe/71635982/

Great guys huh? These are the same people that a judge will believe because they are sworn officers of the court

But in the end the judge doesn’t really care

All he cares about is the system working because that is how revenue is generated

And without revenue he/she doesn’t have a job

Remember that the next time you sit in judgement of someone accused of something

It is just as likely that the cop doing the accusing is the one who is actually the criminal

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