Brevard county ” heroes in blue” linked to prostitute who was involved in near fatal shooting of deputy

“Two central Florida deputies were fired after being exposed as clients of a prostitute involved with a police shooting.

A Brevard County officer was critically shot on Aug. 20, while trying to arrest Mary Derossett during a prostitution sting operation. Her uncle, John Derossett opened fire during the arrest, hitting the undercover john, police said. The two were arrested following the gunfight, with Mary facing prostitution charges and John charged with attempted murder.

While investigating Mary’s phone records and text messages, cops found her clients’ names, including the two fired deputies, Brevard County Sheriff Wayne Ivey said at a press conference on Sunday morning.

One deputy had been a 14-year veteran with the department, while the other served for almost two years. They both admitted to being Mary’s customers, Ivey said.”

“The two disgraced deputies’ names are being withheld because of Florida’s statutory policies, Ivey said.”

Excerpted from here at NY Daily news:

Don’t be fooled because they wear a badge and a uniform

Most of them are no better than the “criminals” that they are after

Special privileges for them and theirs

They can speed if they want to and all they have to do is show their badge

Domestic battery?

Look at Drew Peterson

Cops responded 19 times to his house for domestic battery complaints

Of course he was never arrested

Yeah, they are after these two cops now because it is out in the open

But they still get the special privilege of not having their names released

Does that work for you or I ?

Of course not

Remember who these people really are if you ever sit on a jury

Do you think that every one that Drew Peterson testified against have been exonerated?

They haven’t

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