Cop touches women sexually then fires gun when she refuses him

Posted by Deborah Lee Jarrett

“El Paso Police arrested an off-duty Temple Police Department officer after an incident that occurred at an El Paso hotel late Tuesday night.

Cpl. Kenneth Lee Sheka, 28, was attending a Combined Law Enforcement Association of Texas (C.L.E.A.T) convention in El Paso on his own time and expense. Sheka was not representing the city of Temple at the convention and was not acting in his official capacity, according to Temple Police.

He accused of firing a firearm after touching a woman inappropriately at the Chase Suites Hotel where the convention was being held.

According to El Paso Police, the off-duty officer was talking to a female server inside the conference room that was being used as a hospitality area for those attending the convention. The conversation became inappropriate when Sheka allegedly began making comments of a sexual nature and touched the woman inappropriately as she walked passed him.

According to police, the female told him not to do that again and continued to walk again, at that time escorted by another male. Sheka pulled out a pistol and fired one round into a nearby wall, according to El Paso Police. Sheka was subdued and disarm by other people in the area.”

The rest here from news channel 25 :

Power and control

Who wakes up one morning and says that they want to swagger around with a gun and force people into doing things?

They don’t

It is who they are

A few bad apples? There are only 80,000 cops nationwide yet there are over 320,000 videos on youtube listed under the term police abuse

And that is just one term

Put in police killing, police shooting, police brutality, police beating and even more show up

Put in cop beats woman in wheel chair, cop shoots dog, cop shoots horse

Be creative, but be assured that something will show up

80,000 cops nationwide and there are 340 million of us, yet groups like cop block and cop watch number in the 100’s upon 100’s and are represented in every state

The Cato institute has a reporting site, there is bad cop no donut, police and the list goes on and on

Only 80,000 cops nationwide and a few bad apples are the ones doing this?

Sounds like the whole bushel has gone bad to me

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