Florida deputy grabs 4 yr. old by the neck and beats his head against hard surface

“A Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s Office deputy was arrested Friday and charged with one count of third-degree felony child abuse.

According to the arrest report, Santa Rosa County deputies responded to a complaint involving Joshua White, a 31-year old SRSO deputy, amid concerns of a child abuse incident. According to the complaint, White grabbed a 4-year-old child “by the neck and banged the child’s head on a hard surface multiple times with enough force to leave bruising on the child’s forehead.”

As supervisors reviewed the case, it was determined there was sufficient probable cause to arrest the suspect on charges of child abuse.

He was arrested and taken to the Santa Rosa County Jail, where he was placed on $5,000 bond.”

The suspect was relieved of all law enforcement duties and was placed on administrative leave as per Sheriff’s Office procedures. An internal investigation will also ensue after criminal charges are concluded. The suspension from duty will remain in effect until a complete and thorough administrative review in complete”

Full story here at Pensacola news journal :http://www.pnj.com/story/news/2015/09/12/santa-rosa-deputy-arrested-child-abuse-charges/72150118/

You have to love these Florida cops

For some reason Florida seems to attract a special kind of psychopath to put the badge on

I think it is because the corruption is so endemic that they believe that they can get away with most anything

Remember this the next time you see one of these “heroes”

One thought on “Florida deputy grabs 4 yr. old by the neck and beats his head against hard surface

  1. You should see how the treat the old and the disabled in this state. It is now the norm to be as violent and abusive as the can be. This is all because we have a judicial system (the judges) that not only encourages perjury (Donald Horrox of Pinellas county Florida) but demand it in their court rooms,thus giving these disgusting pigs their sense of invincibility. This is a new dawn for this country and people need to wake up. It will only be a small matter of time before everyone will have an encounter with one of these demented scum. They are not here to protect and serve that’s just a myth to lore one into a state of compliance.


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