More foolishness from Florida cops: Gun discharges during domestic dispute between deputies


A Polk County deputy was arrested Wednesday after deputies said she assaulted her husband.

Witnesses told authorities that Deputy Consuelo Gallegos-Bias, of Mulberry, was arguing with her husband, who is also a deputy, in their bedroom when the two began wrestling over a firearm.

The gun was discharged, but no one was hit.

Gallegos-Bias then battered the victim by hitting him on the head, reports said.

Family members who were home called 911.

Gallegos-Bias allegedly begged her family not to call deputies because she and her husband would get in trouble. She also allegedly tried to wash her prints off the weapon.

She was arrested and taken to the Polk County Jail on charges of battery, resisting arrest without violence and tampering with evidence.”

It is an issue of character

It’s not the domestic dispute

Nor even knocking him on the head

Sometimes things get out of control

It is not even the stupidity of involving the gun

It’s the fact that she tried to cover it up

It is about character

Character is mostly the point of the pieces that I write

Character is automatically assumed by courts, cops and citizens

But that is not actually the case

Character is not something that you pin on in the morning

It is something that you live, something that you are

And in so many of these cops it is completely absent

Now that the video age has arrived it is becoming more and more apparent that the lack of character, honesty and morals is endemic

In 2015 53% of alleged police brutality by the NYPD was substantiated by video
Prior to video, the “Sworn officer of the court” would have automatically been believed
You know , because of his/her character

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