Scumbag Chicago cops recognize activist, turn off dash cam and attack him

Posted by Deborah Lee Jarrett

“Chicago, IL — George Roberts is a civilian whose job is to investigate crooked cops. As the supervisor for the Independent Police Review Authority, (IPRA), Roberts is responsible for investigating claims of police misconduct and officer-involved shootings.

After a nightmarish interaction with six Chicago cops, however, Roberts became the subject of his own work.

According to a federal lawsuit filed this week, after leaving a bar on New Year’s Day 2015, Roberts was pulled over by six of Chicago’s finest.

One of these six cops found Roberts identification card that showed he was a supervisor at the IPRA. Once they discovered that Roberts was a man who is tasked with holding police accountable for a living, the dashcam recording of the incident goes black.

What happened next, according to the lawsuit was nothing short of sheer and brutal humiliation.

First the officers attacked Roberts by throwing him to the ground before putting him into the back of the squad car.

Roberts, who is 6′ 3″ and 315 pounds, is too large for traditional cuffs to fit behind his back. But the Chicago cops did not care and forced them onto Roberts, which in turn, caused him a lot of pain.

According to the suit, when Roberts complained to the officers that he was in severe pain, Officer R. Adams, taunted him with Eric Garner’s last words.

“What are you going to tell me next, ‘you can’t breathe?’” said Adams.

Not much commentary needed here

Just make sure you have your own cameras, front and back

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