Miami-Dade police officer arrested, accused of official misconduct


“A Miami-Dade police officer was arrested Wednesday on official misconduct and other charges.

The Miami-Dade Police Department arrested Officer Saintamen Edwards. She was faces two counts of official misconduct, with the unlawful use of a communication device and with the misuse of personal identification information.

Investigators said Edwards falsified criminal allegations against her estranged husband and used Miami-Dade police equipment to spread false information to her husband’s employer, trying to get him fired.

Edwards is currently relieved of duty without pay.”

Another Florida miscreant in blue

A sworn officer of the court

A hero

Don’t judge them until you have to do their job

They are the thin blue line that separates us from the savages on the streets

Next time you hear testimony from a cop, sworn testimony under oath

Remember this vindictive , power hungry little thug

She has probably committed more crimes than all of the”Criminals” that she has arrested

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