Florida cop sentenced to 9 yrs. in cocaine case

A U.S. judge in Miami on Thursday sentenced former Miami Springs police Sgt. Andres Quintanilla to nine years in federal prison for acting as an escort during a purported 10 kilogram cocaine deal.

“I’ve lost everything I’ve worked for,” Quintanilla said at his sentencing hearing before Chief U.S. District Judge K. Michael Moore. “My pride and my ego got to me.”

Quintanilla read a statement for about 20 minutes before bursting into tears and then holding his head down at his attorney’s station.

An attempt by Quintanilla’s attorney, André Rouviere, for a punishment of 57 months was denied.

“Quintanilla, 33, was arrested in May by the FBI on a federal corruption charge. He pleaded guilty July 6 to one count of “attempting to affect commerce by extortion under color of law,” according to a plea agreement filed with the U.S. District Court in Miami.

According to the federal complaint, a confidential FBI source said he told Quintanilla in September 2014 that he was a drug trafficker. Instead of arresting the source, Quintanilla “offered to help the [informant’s] drug trafficking business.”

Quintanilla provided the location of an undercover police narcotics officer, gave the source the names of three Miami-Dade police officers and ran the name of a purported drug dealer in a law enforcement database when asked to do so by the source, the complaint said.”

The whole story here: http://www.miamiherald.com/news/local/community/miami-dade/miami-springs/article36461058.html

Welcome to Florida where you can find some of the most corrupt cops in the world

There is an old saying about Florida

Come on vacation and leave on probation

That’s because they will arrest you and lie like hell

It is all about bringing revenue into the system and job security

And lining their own pockets

I know that in Hernando county, there are cops there that will try to shake you down on the roadside

Arrest you on some crappy charge and then offer you a “Roadside” bond

Yeah, these guys are out there keeping us safe

Heroes one and all

Really, who are the criminals here?

Case after case after case

Does this sound like a few bad apples?

Sounds to me like a poisoned bushel

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