Florida deputy grabs 4 yr. old by the neck and beats his head against hard surface

“A Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s Office deputy was arrested Friday and charged with one count of third-degree felony child abuse.

According to the arrest report, Santa Rosa County deputies responded to a complaint involving Joshua White, a 31-year old SRSO deputy, amid concerns of a child abuse incident. According to the complaint, White grabbed a 4-year-old child “by the neck and banged the child’s head on a hard surface multiple times with enough force to leave bruising on the child’s forehead.”

As supervisors reviewed the case, it was determined there was sufficient probable cause to arrest the suspect on charges of child abuse.

He was arrested and taken to the Santa Rosa County Jail, where he was placed on $5,000 bond.”

The suspect was relieved of all law enforcement duties and was placed on administrative leave as per Sheriff’s Office procedures. An internal investigation will also ensue after criminal charges are concluded. The suspension from duty will remain in effect until a complete and thorough administrative review in complete”

Full story here at Pensacola news journal :http://www.pnj.com/story/news/2015/09/12/santa-rosa-deputy-arrested-child-abuse-charges/72150118/

You have to love these Florida cops

For some reason Florida seems to attract a special kind of psychopath to put the badge on

I think it is because the corruption is so endemic that they believe that they can get away with most anything

Remember this the next time you see one of these “heroes”

Cops kill a pet in the U.S. every 98 minutes

“A rash of animal shootings by police officers nationwide has law-enforcement agencies running for cover amid growing public outrage that could force state legislatures to require greater accountability from men and women in uniform.

Police in Utah shot a family’s dog while searching for a lost boy, prompting hundreds of pet owners to protest June 28 in front of the Salt Lake City Police Department headquarters. They carried signs demanding “justice for Geist,” a 110-pound Weimaraner shot by a city cop within the dog’s fenced-in back yard. The “missing” boy was later found sleeping in his home.”

“State police in West Virginia shot a family’s dog June 24 as it was reportedly running away from them during a search for a suspect on adjoining property. Shots rang out even as the dog’s owner was screaming for officers to hold their fire and let her put her dog inside.

In Maryland, two Baltimore police officers were charged last week with animal cruelty after one of them allegedly held down Nala, a 7-year-old Shar-Pei, while the other slit the dog’s throat.

Richard Bruce Rosenthal, general counsel and co-founder of New York-based the Lexus Project, said police across the country are trending toward less tolerance and less respect for people’s pets, which he sees as part of a larger trend toward more aggressive policing tactics in America.

A pet is a person’s property, which should not be summarily executed for doing what dogs naturally do, which is to investigate unknown people or other dogs who approach their territory, he asserted.”

““It is a growing problem and part of it is, post 9/11, our judicial system has basically trashed the Constitution under the mantle of security, and personal rights cease to exist,” Rosenthal told WND.

“All over the country we have cops shooting dogs for no other reason than they can. And our courts and our elected officials, rather than protecting the citizens and the Constitution, simply see it as a way to take more power and more money. I think it’s a civil-rights violation. I think it’s a constitutional violation.”

The rest here from WND : http://www.wnd.com/2014/07/police-take-horrific-action-every-98-minutes/

These sure are some stand up people aren’t they?

I really like the one where they held the dog down and cut its throat

Heroes there

But you know what?

People have just about had enough

Below I have copied and pasted the comments posted on the article

Sounds like a rough crowd

“American police are out of control and if you can’t see it, your blind. Stop making excuses for this behavior before it gets worse.”

“Any cop that shoots a dog thats only trying to protect their family deserves to die. But not before they watch their family die in front of them. Then they know how it feels to lose someone thats just trying to do good for you. Then they can see what its like to lose a innocent loved one. Then and only then will they understand your pain.
A change is needed. A stand must be made.
Kill the kill happy”

“Police today are sissy cowardly trigger happy Hitler loving Nazis. They turned in their white sheet and pillowcases to a blue costume with plastic badge which says Plantation Police”

“Unfortunately it is going to take one of these cowardly scumbag cops being killed by a pissed off pet///home owner before the local, county and state officials wake up and realize whitewashing these occurrences will not be tolerated and that there is a real problem with these Rambo cops”

“When these Thugs in Uniform are investigated by their own Departments it is no surprise that these cops continue to murder our 4 legged family members. They know that not a damn thing will be done and no matter what evidence there may be, they will keep getting away with it.
Until we get some meaningful legislation to hold these killers accountable, nothing will change. Training won’t do a thing to change the mindset of those officers whose egos feed off their own sense of power.”

“where are they getting these police cowards who are stupid and afraid of dogs??? that their only course of action is shoot maim and kill our beloved dog friends family! *** cowardly cops!”

“Is America’s Police & USA Gov war on animals now targetting our pets, our dogs,our friends? Police officers are not the Law nor above it! The USA Gov is not above the law. Is America over run with S.S. Police officers per government????”

“So… it’s a federal crime to injure a police dog, but it’s totally okay to kill a civilian dog? Hey look, you police stations that have dogs and have actively killed other animals, I can assume you would be pretty upset if someone killed your dog for just… existing I guess
So… don’t *** do it to other people??? If you must, shoot to stop, but I honestly don’t understand why they’re sO SHOCKED!!!1 when a pet becomes defensive or feels the need to investigate the new thing that has the other creatures who live with it so distressed. It’s like with that no-knock raid *** and violently break into someone’s house in _exactly the same way armed robbers might_, but never stop to think “hey maybe these people react so aggressively or freak out because they think someone is attempting to murder and/or steal their possessions”
I wasn’t aware we were discussing thermodynamics.”

“Maybe its’ time….”

“Someone’s personal property and usually considered a part of a family. Think about how these owners are feeling? That kind of attitude is why cops think its ok to shoot people’s pets, becuase they know they won’t be reprimanded for it. Just yelling at a domestic dog is the most you have to do to shoo it away. If a dog bit a cop then I’d see a threat. However, these dogs are just trying to protect the owners and their property. They aren’t vicious creatures, they think and feel as well. Have a heart…”

Cop touches women sexually then fires gun when she refuses him

Posted by Deborah Lee Jarrett

“El Paso Police arrested an off-duty Temple Police Department officer after an incident that occurred at an El Paso hotel late Tuesday night.

Cpl. Kenneth Lee Sheka, 28, was attending a Combined Law Enforcement Association of Texas (C.L.E.A.T) convention in El Paso on his own time and expense. Sheka was not representing the city of Temple at the convention and was not acting in his official capacity, according to Temple Police.

He accused of firing a firearm after touching a woman inappropriately at the Chase Suites Hotel where the convention was being held.

According to El Paso Police, the off-duty officer was talking to a female server inside the conference room that was being used as a hospitality area for those attending the convention. The conversation became inappropriate when Sheka allegedly began making comments of a sexual nature and touched the woman inappropriately as she walked passed him.

According to police, the female told him not to do that again and continued to walk again, at that time escorted by another male. Sheka pulled out a pistol and fired one round into a nearby wall, according to El Paso Police. Sheka was subdued and disarm by other people in the area.”

The rest here from news channel 25 :http://www.kxxv.com/story/29994935/off-duty-temple-police-officer-arrested-in-el-paso

Power and control

Who wakes up one morning and says that they want to swagger around with a gun and force people into doing things?

They don’t

It is who they are

A few bad apples? There are only 80,000 cops nationwide yet there are over 320,000 videos on youtube listed under the term police abuse

And that is just one term

Put in police killing, police shooting, police brutality, police beating and even more show up

Put in cop beats woman in wheel chair, cop shoots dog, cop shoots horse

Be creative, but be assured that something will show up

80,000 cops nationwide and there are 340 million of us, yet groups like cop block and cop watch number in the 100’s upon 100’s and are represented in every state

The Cato institute has a reporting site, there is bad cop no donut, police brutality.info and the list goes on and on

Only 80,000 cops nationwide and a few bad apples are the ones doing this?

Sounds like the whole bushel has gone bad to me

Brevard county ” heroes in blue” linked to prostitute who was involved in near fatal shooting of deputy

“Two central Florida deputies were fired after being exposed as clients of a prostitute involved with a police shooting.

A Brevard County officer was critically shot on Aug. 20, while trying to arrest Mary Derossett during a prostitution sting operation. Her uncle, John Derossett opened fire during the arrest, hitting the undercover john, police said. The two were arrested following the gunfight, with Mary facing prostitution charges and John charged with attempted murder.

While investigating Mary’s phone records and text messages, cops found her clients’ names, including the two fired deputies, Brevard County Sheriff Wayne Ivey said at a press conference on Sunday morning.

One deputy had been a 14-year veteran with the department, while the other served for almost two years. They both admitted to being Mary’s customers, Ivey said.”

“The two disgraced deputies’ names are being withheld because of Florida’s statutory policies, Ivey said.”

Excerpted from here at NY Daily news: http://www.nydailynews.com/news/national/deputies-fired-exposed-prostitute-clients-article-1.2358891

Don’t be fooled because they wear a badge and a uniform

Most of them are no better than the “criminals” that they are after

Special privileges for them and theirs

They can speed if they want to and all they have to do is show their badge

Domestic battery?

Look at Drew Peterson

Cops responded 19 times to his house for domestic battery complaints

Of course he was never arrested

Yeah, they are after these two cops now because it is out in the open

But they still get the special privilege of not having their names released

Does that work for you or I ?

Of course not

Remember who these people really are if you ever sit on a jury

Do you think that every one that Drew Peterson testified against have been exonerated?

They haven’t

Florida “Sworn officer of the court” helps son escape for trafficking cocaine

By Lorena Inclán


The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office has arrested one of its own after investigators say she was helping her son escape.

Betty Maynor Pearson, 42, was arrested Wednesday night on a felony charge of aiding escape.

She’s a 15-year veteran of JSO. She started off as a corrections officer in 2000 and worked her way up.

Investigators say she was actively helping her son, Antoine Pearson Jr., elude arrest. Antoine Pearson Jr. has a warrant out for his arrest for trafficking cocaine.

Undersheriff Pat Ivey said Betty Pearson had conversations with her son, advising him to not drive a specific car police were looking for. He said that one point Antoine Person Jr. told her he was hiding, and that she needed to come and get him, to which she responded “OK.”

Excerpted from ActionNewsJax.com here: http://www.actionnewsjax.com/news/news/local/jso-announces-arrest-officer/nnXgD/

Another one of Florida’s finest !

Don’t ever doubt the word of a Florida cop

I am sure that they are telling truth

A few bad apples?

I don’t think so

Check the below

“Here are some facts about the heroes in blue

“The sampling of current officers was comprised of 2,698 fulltime officers from twenty-one different states. A total 1,116 of the 2,657 officers asked to complete a confidential questionnaire, did so. This equates to a response rate of 42 percent. An additional forty-one officers provided confidential interviews. The following facts were revealed.

  • In response to “Please describe the first time you witnessed misconduct by another employee but took no action,” 46 percent (532) advised they had witnessed misconduct by another employee, but concealed what they knew.
  • In response to the question “At the time of the incident occurred, what did you think would happen if you revealed what had taken place?” the five reasons listed most often were: I would be ostracized (177 times); the officer who committed the misconduct would be disciplined or fired (88 times); I would be fired from my job (73 times); I would be “blackballed” (59 times); the administration would not do anything even if I reported it. (54 times)
  • 73 percent of the individuals pressuring officers to keep quiet about the misconduct were leaders.
  • Eight percent (40) of the 509 officers who admitted to intentionally withholding the information about officer misconduct were upper administrators. The upper administrators of the average American police department comprises only five percent of the agency.
  • Of the 532 who confessed they had participated in the Code of Silence, 252 were pressured to keep quiet by the officer(s) who committed the misconduct and 118 felt pressure from uninvolved officers. The remaining 162 officers advised they covered up the incident even though they were not pressured.
  • Excessive use of force was the most frequent situation over which the Code of Silence occurs, with 217 were excessive use of force

Police deaths at historic lows, safer than being a bartender

“Despite what the media would have you believe, 2015 is actually the safest year for police officers in 20 years. Meanwhile, police killings of citizens are at a 40-year high.

While citizens and social justice groups seeking to curtail the trend of growing police brutality and state-sanctioned murder, police supporters around the country are seeking to debunk these reports with a combination of marketing, cherry-picked statistics, and misplaced nationalism formerly reserved for members of the military.

The following graphics combined show how serious the problem of growing police violence has become, and explain the false-narrative that has been constructed to convince America to ignore the problem”

“With the rise in the reports of people being killed by police, much has been made of the danger police face every day in the line of duty. It has become the easy explanation in an attempt to justify the erosion of civil rights in the name of job safety for those who “protect and serve.” But a recent report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that last year almost 4,600 Americans were killed while working, but only 79 were police officers. That figure places police officers outside of the top 15 most dangerous jobs in America, behind garbage collectors, taxi drivers, and bartenders.”

If you don’t believe it, just watch this video

Not only are they safer than bartenders, but look what happens when they commit crimes

“When police are charged with misconduct or the killing of citizens, there is a tremendous double standard as to how they are prosecuted, and sentenced. According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, only 1/3rd of charges against police lead to a conviction, while the conviction rate for the general population rate is more than double that. Additionally, of the officers actually convicted, only 12 percent are sent to prison, while the rest of the country has an incarceration rate 400% higher upon conviction.”

Excerpted from here by James Woods :http://usuncut.com/black-lives-matter/5-facts-expose-media-lies-police-shootings/

Heroes in blue : 12 Florida troopers caught bilking overtime

“A dozen Florida Highway Patrol troopers from Tallahassee to Miami were fired, forced to retire or otherwise disciplined after an in-house investigation into whether they were billing the agency for hours they spent working from home, eating at restaurants and visiting girlfriends and relatives.

The disciplinary action came as part of a probe into the agency’s Statewide Overtime Action Response program, which is designed to beef up traffic enforcement in high-priority areas, including Interstate 10 in Leon County. Troopers, who are paid time and a half to patrol the areas, are expected to aggressively enforce traffic laws when working SOAR.”

“Several of the troopers were longtime veterans of the agency, with 30-plus years of service.

  • Troopers reported SOAR overtime while visiting their parents, wives or girlfriends at their homes and workplaces.
  • Troopers claimed regular and overtime hours while they were at home and restaurants.
  • Troopers failed to radio in that they were going off or back on duty while taking meal breaks at restaurants.
  • Troopers failed to activate their Automatic Vehicle Locators, designed to track their movements, and in some cases deactivated them.
  • The rest here : http://www.wtsp.com/story/news/local/florida/2015/09/03/state-troopers-fired-forced-retire-overtime-probe/71635982/

Great guys huh? These are the same people that a judge will believe because they are sworn officers of the court

But in the end the judge doesn’t really care

All he cares about is the system working because that is how revenue is generated

And without revenue he/she doesn’t have a job

Remember that the next time you sit in judgement of someone accused of something

It is just as likely that the cop doing the accusing is the one who is actually the criminal