To serve: Live oak Florida cop caught with child porn on his squad car’s computer

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — A Live Oak police sergeant was arrested Wednesday on child pornography charges after federal investigators uncovered dozens of obscene images on his patrol car computer, according to the FBI.

Kyle Adam Kirby, 35, of Live Oak, was arrested at the Live Oak Police Department and is charged with possession of child pornography. Kirby faces up to 10 years in federal prison if convicted.

According to a 66-page federal complaint, FBI agents and investigators from other agencies raided Kirby’s home Oct. 22 in connection to an undercover online child pornography investigation. They found no computers at the home, according to the FBI.

The same morning, however, the Live Oak police chief gave agents permission to search the computer inside Kirby’s patrol car, where they found 87 images that “either depicted children engaged in sexually explicit conduct or that had titles” suggesting they contained child pornography, the FBI said in a release.

The whole story here:

Remember this guy the next time you get pulled over

The hero in blue that is standing next to you with a gun

May be a child molesting pervert

Or worse

Remember this guy if you ever serve on a jury

This sworn officer of the court

May be the one giving testimony

A few bad apples?

Well for just a few , I sure do have a whole lot to write about

Cop charged with attempted murder takes plea

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – An officer with IMPD was sentenced in court on Wednesday.

Justin Beaton, was sentenced on Wednesday to serve two years on home detention and one year of probation for criminal recklessness.

According to IMPD, in Feb. 2015, Beaton was arrested and charged with attempted murder, domestic battery in the physical presence of a child, pointing a firearm and obstruction of justice.

IMPD suspended Beaton without pay, pending his termination from the department. Beaton was a 10 year veteran with the department.

Court records show Beaton’s live-in girlfriend, initially told authorities that Beaton hit her with a bed frame he was supposedly moving in August of 2014. In Feb. of 2015, she went back to authorities recanting that story and claiming that Beaton shot her through a glass door with what she thought were blank rounds.”

The whole story here:

What a psychopath

Do you think that anyone convicted because of him will be released?

He is a 10 Yr. veteran after all

Seriously, you don’t think a guy like this, a sworn officer of the court, would ever lie during testimony

Really, if he is this kind of  a guy, can anything he said or did be trusted?

You see, you never know who is behind the wheel when you get pulled over

You just need to hope that you come home safe and don’t get stopped by him

Georgia State Trooper Driving 91 mph for No Reason Kills Two Teen Girls

“An on-duty Georgia State Patrol trooper was driving 91mph in a 55mph zone just five seconds before slamming into another vehicle, killing two teenage girls, Kylie Lindsay, 17 and Isabella Chinchilla, 16.

Trooper Anthony J Scott struck the 2005 Nissan Sentra – carrying Lindsey, Chincilla, Dillon Lewis Wall, 18, and Benjamin Alan Finken, 17 – when their car was attempting a turn from US 27 onto Holly Springs Road in Carroll County, investigators said.

Trooper Anthony J Scott was fired after it was determined that he slowed from 91mph to 68mph just before the crash that killed 17-year-old Kylie Lindsey and 16-year-old Isabella Chinchilla, of Paulding County, on September 26. No charges have been brought against the officer pending a Georgia State Patrol investigation. Prosecutors have not yet decided whether a grand jury should even consider bringing any charges.

Authorities say that Scott was on patrol, but was not answering a call or running the car’s emergency lights or siren when he slammed into the back of the Nissan at about 11.30pm.

‘At the time of the wreck, he was on no kind of emergency call, en route to no accident, not trying to stop a vehicle,’ Capt. Mark Perry told WSB-TV. ‘Turns out he was running at a high rate of speed through this intersection in a territory that’s he’s familiar with and should have known the dangers that potentially exist.’

It took the department six days to arrive at a decision that resulted in Scott’s dismissal.

He had been with Georgia State Patrol since 2011, new information has come to light that suggests he was a repeat offender. He had been responsible for two crashes prior to the tragic accident on Saturday.

Captain Mark Perry, Scott’s superior, commented that the prior instances did not have anything to do with speed and/or reckless driving; however, “misjudged clearance” was what caused the accidents.

He received a verbal warning for the first one and a letter of instruction for the subsequent incident.

The whole story here from revolution news:

Blue priveledge

They assume that they are immune from the law

Remember this guy the next time you see a cop flying down the road

Maybe a phone call to 911 to find out what the emergency is would be in order

Charleston, SC — The owner of a Charleston small business decided he was going to show that cops are not above the law.

In this video, Chad Walton of CWR Racing hooks his winch to a police cruiser that was parked illegally behind his business, with every intention of towing it to his facility. According to the posted sign, once an illegally parked vehicle is hooked for towing, it costs $250 to unhook. There is also a charge of $30 for every day the vehicle sits in the facility.

“This police car is illegally parked here. I’ve gotten a couple of tickets downtown, had my car booted, towed, um, all that good stuff. So we’re going to go ahead and return the favor. As soon as we hook up to it…just like they do to everybody in downtown Charleston…$250 before I disconnect, or we’re going to go ahead and tow it inside our facility over there.”

Mr. Walton points out that there are guns and other gear in the trunk of the police cruiser which could be stolen.

“If anybody would like a free handgun, a couple of shotguns, some lights, bulletproof vests and what not…all in the trunk of this car here. We’re doing a public service by pulling this car out of this dangerous neighborhood.

Mr. Walton and another person witnessed the cop park the car, get out and put his patrol belt into the trunk, then get into the car with another woman and drive off, saying they were going “car shopping.”

Within 20 minutes, six police show up on the scene. Car after car can be seen pulling into the lot, as if Mr. Watson was a suspect.

The whole story here from the free thought project, complete with video:

Absolutely hilarious

A cop who thinks he is above the law gets his come uppance

I do have a few question though

Was he on duty when he parked his cruiser there?

If so, what about car shopping with his lady friend?

Anybody looking into that?

I doubt it unless they are forced to

Cop tries to shoot dog, hits 4 Yr. old instead

I was all like….PEW , PEW , PEW !!!!
By Henri Gendreau The Columbus Dispatch  •  Saturday June 20, 2015 5:43 AM

“As the officer was walking from the home to his patrol car, a woman a few houses away called out to him, saying her sister and the girl’s mother, Andrea Ellis, had cut herself.

The officer was at the doorway when a dog charged at him, Alex-Bouzounis said.

The officer fired once, missing the animal but striking the girl in the right leg. It was unclear whether the girl was hit directly or by a ricochet. The officer has not been identified.

Andrea Ellis was taken to OhioHealth Grant Medical Center for treatment of the cut.

Gary Parsley II said the officer was following up with him about Parsley’s being struck by a car a couple weeks ago. When the girl’s aunt called out to the officer, the officer walked over and Parsley returned to his house, when he heard a shot.

Neighbors say the officer walked back to his patrol car after the shooting.

“He seemed a little disoriented, like he was really bothered,” said Norman Jones, who called the police after hearing the shot. Columbus and Whitehall police arrived at the scene shortly afterward.

Neighbors say Ellis came out of the house saying her daughter had been shot.

The officer was not injured.

He wasn’t? Wow! Isn’t that precious?

4 Yr. old didn’t return fire?

At least he went home safe

What a hero

But you want the best part of the story?

Go to the article and read the comments

It is pretty obvious what people think about these psychopaths

After that read the account below that contradicts everything the cop says

And here is another account from here:

“Family created a Facebook page for Ava. Her mother Andrea wrote her account of the incident in a post. She names the police officer who shot her child, Jonathan Thomas, and says that, as soon as he saw the dog, who was eight to 10 feet away from him, he fired — in the direction of her eight-year-old niece and Ava.

“Ava was crying and asking if she was going to die as her aunt Brandie, cousin Madison, big brother Clayton and little sister Mia watched crying in fear,” Andrea recalled.

Officer Thomas claimed that the dog charged at him, but Andrea’s sister Brandie denies this, and says the pet was in the house when he shot at it.

Andrea also revealed that the cop never apologized or asked if the four-year-old was okay and immediately left after shooting her. Neighbors have corroborated this account. Ava’s mother wrote:

“Officer Thomas then told my sister to stop yelling at him and walked back to his vehicle. Officer Thomas never said sorry, never said it was an accident, never said that he called for help or was going to call for help, never asked if Ava was ok, and never asked if he could check on Ava. Officer Thomas went back to his vehicle and started to pull away. My neighbors have even verified that he started pulling away before any help was there. Officer Thomas shot Ava and left knowing he shot Ava and not knowing the condition she was in.”

Lee county Florida deputy arrested on theft charge

Another one of Florida’s finest felons

“A Lee County Sheriff’s Office corporal who resigned earlier this year after an internal affairs investigation found he lied on his timecard has been arrested on several counts of grand theft and official misconduct.

Former Cpl. Michael Schlosser, 46, was arrested at 4:30 p.m. Tuesday on one count of grand theft and seven counts of official misconduct for events dating to May and June this year, All are third degree felonies charges.

Schlosser, who had his first appearance in court Wednesday and remains in jail, faces $5,000 bail on each count. His arraignment is scheduled for Monday.”

“The internal affairs report said Schlosser charged an automotive auction business for 13 hours and 22 minutes of security detail work for which he was not present, that’s a total of $1,362 the sheriff’s office accuse him of stealing.

Between March 2014 and July 2015, he billed Manheim SWFL Auto Auction for 159 hours of security work.

Seven times between May 13 and June 24 Schlosser showed up to his detail late and left early but still charged the business for a full day’s work.

On June 24, Schlosser stopped by a lieutenant’s office for small talk while he was supposed to be at his detail. When the lieutenant asked Schlosser if he had permission to be late, Schlosser replied that he was “killing time.”

Sgt. Andrea Fisher said in her internal affairs report that Schlosser’s actions left him with five offenses, including conduct unbecoming of an officer, falsifying official documents and untruthfulness.”

Well, well

I guess he must not have been well liked

Why would I say that?

Because Lee county is notorious for corruption

Had he been part of the old boy system, I’m sure they would have looked the other way

Google “Lee county Florida deputy” and see what pops up

These guys are heroes in the truest sense

You have Lieutenants charged with grand larceny

A deputy that beats and robs someone on duty

Another slob who is so lazy he just ignores a 911 call

Yet another one who forced an inmate to have sex with him

We even have one female officer who was caught up in an on duty sex scandal fatally shooting her cop boy friend

This isn’t just a few bad apples

This is systemic and endemic corruption

Again, Schlosser must have been on some bodies bad side to get taken down

Want to come to Florida?

Well you better hope that one of these degenerates don’t decide to pull you or one of yours over

Original here:

Sheriff: Former Greenville deputy shown on video punching handcuffed suspect

“In the early hours of July 30, Napolitano responded to a robbery at a Spinx store, 3815 White Horse Road. Deputies used K-9 units to track the suspect and found him under a pickup truck at a nearby used car dealership on White Horse Road. The suspect, later identified as Brian Christopher Mickens, refused to comply with commands, and one of the dogs bit him, Loftis said.

Napolitano requested EMS to treat a dog bite on Mickens’ lower right leg. After Mickens was treated at the hospital, Napolitano told him it was time to go to jail, Loftis said.

Napolitano requested help because Mickens was uncooperative and threatened the deputy and hospital staff. Mickens was in handcuffs when the deputy and two GHS police officers tried to place him in a wheelchair, Loftis said.

At one point, Napolitano shoved Mickens in the chest and punched him twice in the face, Loftis said.”

Original with video here:

So which one is the worse criminal?

The one in handcuffs or the one in blue?

If you read the article you will note something

The other two cops who were there didn’t do or say anything

It was hospital cops who objected to his behavior and turned him in

I would guess that hospital staff complained which prompted a review of the video

On the upside, they did fire him and now there is one less psychopath on street

Good riddance