Another pervert cop in Florida: South Miami cop playing truth or dare with underage girls

Posted by Deborah Lee Jarrett

“MIAMI (CBSMiami) — State agents arrested a South Miami police officer for allegedly having inappropriate interactions with underage girls.

South Miami cop Joe Mendez walked out of the Broward County Jail on $42,000 bond around 8 p.m. Tuesday. The officer spent hours at the jail being booked in, having his mugshot taken and awaiting bond. When he saw our cameras he had lots to say about the allegations that he possessed child pornography and contributed to the delinquency of a minor. Specifically, he had a message for the community.

“They know who I am,” he said. “They know I didn’t do anything.”

But the Florida Department of Law Enforcement says Mendez, the former coordinator of the South Miami Police Explorers Program for young people 14 to 20 years old, did lots wrong.

They accuse him of buying alcohol for a pair of underage female cadets, asking them to play truth or dare with him and asking to show him their private parts. Mendez denied all of it.

“Detective were you playing truth or dare with underage girls?” a reporter asked.

“I have no comment,” he replied.

FDLE says the allegations came to light by a fellow South Miami Police officer. We asked Mendez if he believes there’s a vendetta against him.

“What do you guys think?” he replied.

Authorities said a complaint of misconduct from a fellow officer in June 2014 triggered an investigation into allegations he had inappropriate interactions with a number of female cadets in the program and that the interactions may have been sexual in nature. He is also accused of buying alcohol for the girls.”

From CBS Miami:

A few bad apples?

It sounds like an epidemic in South Florida

Every week they are getting arrested for graft, theft, corruption and worse

Want to move to Florida?

You better realize that every time you or your loved ones leave your home that you risk contact with one of these animals

Your family is literally in danger every time they leave in a vehicle

A few bad apples?

Is that why every day, day after day reports like this surface

According to one study done in 2001, 46% of cops who had been polled nationwide admitted to witnessing misconduct by another officer and covering it up

How many cops are doing bad acts for them to be witnessed by 46% of other cops?

I know this sounds biased and one sided, but think about this

Drew Peterson had 911 called on him 19 times for domestic violence

19 times

19 times and no arrest

Does that sound like a few bad apples?

Take those 19 times and multiply it by every cop who knew about it from dispatch down to a cop telling his partner at lunch

Does that sound like an exaggeration?

Or a real problem?

Let’s not forget also that three women died because of these “Few bad apples”

Just remember every time that you have contact with one of these heroes in blue

You may be in danger

Because there are a lot of bad apples out there

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