Sheriff: Former Greenville deputy shown on video punching handcuffed suspect

“In the early hours of July 30, Napolitano responded to a robbery at a Spinx store, 3815 White Horse Road. Deputies used K-9 units to track the suspect and found him under a pickup truck at a nearby used car dealership on White Horse Road. The suspect, later identified as Brian Christopher Mickens, refused to comply with commands, and one of the dogs bit him, Loftis said.

Napolitano requested EMS to treat a dog bite on Mickens’ lower right leg. After Mickens was treated at the hospital, Napolitano told him it was time to go to jail, Loftis said.

Napolitano requested help because Mickens was uncooperative and threatened the deputy and hospital staff. Mickens was in handcuffs when the deputy and two GHS police officers tried to place him in a wheelchair, Loftis said.

At one point, Napolitano shoved Mickens in the chest and punched him twice in the face, Loftis said.”

Original with video here:

So which one is the worse criminal?

The one in handcuffs or the one in blue?

If you read the article you will note something

The other two cops who were there didn’t do or say anything

It was hospital cops who objected to his behavior and turned him in

I would guess that hospital staff complained which prompted a review of the video

On the upside, they did fire him and now there is one less psychopath on street

Good riddance

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