Charleston, SC — The owner of a Charleston small business decided he was going to show that cops are not above the law.

In this video, Chad Walton of CWR Racing hooks his winch to a police cruiser that was parked illegally behind his business, with every intention of towing it to his facility. According to the posted sign, once an illegally parked vehicle is hooked for towing, it costs $250 to unhook. There is also a charge of $30 for every day the vehicle sits in the facility.

“This police car is illegally parked here. I’ve gotten a couple of tickets downtown, had my car booted, towed, um, all that good stuff. So we’re going to go ahead and return the favor. As soon as we hook up to it…just like they do to everybody in downtown Charleston…$250 before I disconnect, or we’re going to go ahead and tow it inside our facility over there.”

Mr. Walton points out that there are guns and other gear in the trunk of the police cruiser which could be stolen.

“If anybody would like a free handgun, a couple of shotguns, some lights, bulletproof vests and what not…all in the trunk of this car here. We’re doing a public service by pulling this car out of this dangerous neighborhood.

Mr. Walton and another person witnessed the cop park the car, get out and put his patrol belt into the trunk, then get into the car with another woman and drive off, saying they were going “car shopping.”

Within 20 minutes, six police show up on the scene. Car after car can be seen pulling into the lot, as if Mr. Watson was a suspect.

The whole story here from the free thought project, complete with video:

Absolutely hilarious

A cop who thinks he is above the law gets his come uppance

I do have a few question though

Was he on duty when he parked his cruiser there?

If so, what about car shopping with his lady friend?

Anybody looking into that?

I doubt it unless they are forced to

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