Cop charged with attempted murder takes plea

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – An officer with IMPD was sentenced in court on Wednesday.

Justin Beaton, was sentenced on Wednesday to serve two years on home detention and one year of probation for criminal recklessness.

According to IMPD, in Feb. 2015, Beaton was arrested and charged with attempted murder, domestic battery in the physical presence of a child, pointing a firearm and obstruction of justice.

IMPD suspended Beaton without pay, pending his termination from the department. Beaton was a 10 year veteran with the department.

Court records show Beaton’s live-in girlfriend, initially told authorities that Beaton hit her with a bed frame he was supposedly moving in August of 2014. In Feb. of 2015, she went back to authorities recanting that story and claiming that Beaton shot her through a glass door with what she thought were blank rounds.”

The whole story here:

What a psychopath

Do you think that anyone convicted because of him will be released?

He is a 10 Yr. veteran after all

Seriously, you don’t think a guy like this, a sworn officer of the court, would ever lie during testimony

Really, if he is this kind of  a guy, can anything he said or did be trusted?

You see, you never know who is behind the wheel when you get pulled over

You just need to hope that you come home safe and don’t get stopped by him

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