2 Florida heroes in blue arrested after massive tax fraud scheme

“TAMPA — More than a year after a federal investigation began into the activities of a former Tampa police detective and his wife, a former police sergeant, the couple have been indicted on federal charges including identity theft, money laundering and theft of government property.

Eric and LaJoyce Houston turned themselves in to U.S. Marshals on Wednesday morning. They appeared in federal court later in the day to face the charges in a 24-page indictment, which details what authorities say is a conspiracy that included using police databases in tax refund fraud as far back as 2010. Federal authorities said more than 4,000 people whose information Eric Houston ran through a police database later had fake tax refunds filed in their name. The pair’s illegal proceeds totaled nearly a quarter of a million dollars, investigators said.”

From TBO here: http://www.tbo.com/news/crime/disgraced-ex-tampa-police-detectives-indicted-on-tax-fraud-charges-20151028/

Who ever would have guessed?

A few more ” Bad apples”

Funny it seems that the bad apples are spoiling the bushel

You can’t go online these days without finding dozens of mis-deeds done by these rarefied “Few bad apples”

Every day that I post articles here I pass on 20 and only post 1

That is every day

Taking account the fact that there are only 800,00 L.E. personnel

It seems there might be a problem

Go to the google news section

Google “Police rape”

Google “Deputy child porn”

Google “Deputy beating”

Go ahead and try it, it’s a fun game and lots of results pop up

Then substitute the word baker

Wow! Nothing comes up

Seems that Bakers get arrested a lot less then cops do for the above

It is time to strip away the default “Hero” status that cops have

A uniform does not give you character

Any more than a badge gives you courage

It is time for we the people

The citizens that they are sworn to protect and serve

To say enough is enough

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