Drug dealers, child molesters and more: New York heroes in blue hard at work in Watervliet P.D.

“WATERVLIET, N.Y. (NEWS10) – The police chief has confirmed the home of a Watervliet officer was recently searched by the Albany County District Attorney’s Office.

The investigation comes after the arrest of two other Watervliet officers. The first was busted in a drug raid. The other admitted to sexual relationships with high school students while he worked as a school resource officer.

The latest investigation involves a sergeant with more than two decades on the job. He has not been arrested or charged with anything, but after two notable arrests, it’s another blow to the image of the department.”

“The DA’s office would not say what they were searching for or what the case is about, but sources close to the case said the investigation has to do with the recent case of former police officer Joshua Spratt. Spratt recently accepted a deal with prosecutors after admitting to having sex with teenage students while he worked as a Watervliet High School resource officer.

In addition, now-former Watervliet Officer Nicholas Pontore is facing charges for his alleged involvement in a gang-run drug ring.

The rest here: http://news10.com/2015/10/16/another-watervliet-officer-under-investigation/

Just remember folks, one important thing

It’s only a few bad apples

Although here in N.Y they seem to be falling from the trees by the bushel

And in Florida, Texas, California and states all across the country

So many in fact that it seems hard to believe the old “Few bad apples” line

If it is only just a few

I should be running out of stories shortly




I know, not very likely

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