14 deputies arrested in 2015; Latest one for sexual assault on a child


“SAN ANTONIO —  The Bexar County Sheriff’s Office announced it fired a deputy Monday who was reportedly assigned to the BCSO detention division.

BCSO said the San Antonio Police Department arrested Deputy Matthew Adams on a charge of aggravated sexual assault of a child.

Adams was hired in August, according to BCSO.

The sheriff’s office also said of the now 14 deputies arrested this year, only three remain employed by BCSO.”

The rest here :http://www.kens5.com/story/news/crime/2015/11/16/bcso-deputy-fired-accused-child-sexual-assault/75906284/?utm_source=hootsuite

These are real heroes here

Every day they risk it all

Thank God that they come home safe at night……

Yes, I am biased

But you know what?

I couldn’t even make this stuff up

Every single day I pass up 20 stories to publish just one

14 deputies arrested in less than a year?

And the people, the citizens of that county still let that PD exist?

They are public servants after all

Chartered by the citizens they serve

They might think that they are better than everyone else and above the law

But they aren’t

Something is going to have to be done

The police state is getting worse, not better

And as it does they are bringing on more and more of people of the caliber of those above






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