“FORT PIERCE (AP) — Authorities say they have arrested a deputy for her alleged role in a marijuana selling business following a month-long investigation.

St. Lucie County Sheriff’s said an anonymous tipster told them Deputy Heather Tucker, 27, was involved in drug activity. Authorities searched the apartment she was staying at with her boyfriend and another couple Friday and said they found felony amounts of marijuana, packaging materials and other items typically associated with the sale and distribution of marijuana”

The whole story is here from ABC 7 : http://www.abc-7.com/story/30517969/st-lucie-deputy-charged-in-alleged-marijuana-selling-business#.VkyJ9narSM8?utm_source=hootsuite

…………W’Sup, dude?

Any idea how fast you were going?

30 MPH?

No way dude, it looked way faster to me

It looked like 100 at least

You mind if I search your car?

Make sure that there are no guns, knives, drugs or bodies?


Hey are those brownies?

Mind if I take one?…………..

But seriously, this is just another example of a Florida scumbag in blue

The law applies to you

And you will be prosecuted and convicted

But not to them

They believe that they are above the law

Warrior heroes with badges……..




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