Florida hero in blue busted on child sex and porn charges

CARRABELLE, Fla. (WJHG/WECP)– A Carrabelle, Florida, police officer has been arrested by agents from the Florida Department of Law Enforcement and Franklin County Sheriff’s Office.

Glenn Darius Hampton May, 49, of Carrabelle, Fla. is facing one count of sexual battery on a child over 12 years old, but less than 18 years old, and four counts of possession of child pornography. May is a police officer with Carrabelle PD.

According to investigators, FDLE Agents began investigating May in October at the request of Carrabelle Police Chief Gary Hunnings after Hunnings received an allegation about May having sex with an underage female. May has been on administrative leave since that time.”

The whole story here from news channel 7


Florida sure does seem to have it’s share of pervert cops

Remember this guy the next time your 16 Yr. old daughter gets behind the wheel and drives away

Also keep him in mind the next time you hear someone refer to a “Hero in blue that put’s his life on the line every day”

More likely he spent his time at the beach ogling underage bikini clad girls


Man’s wife killed in car accident, cop shoots husband as he climbs out of wreck

“Dash cam footage from the November 25 incident shows the driver, 26-year-old Andrew Thomas, crashing his SUV. His wife was ejected from the window and died at the scene, reports CBSN’s Vladimir Duthiers.

Feaster walks towards the car and fires one shot, hitting Thomas in the neck as he attempted to get out through the window. Twenty-five seconds, later Feaster describes Thomas as being uncooperative.

“I’ve got an unresponsive female, I’ve got a male in the car refusing to get out,” Feaster could be heard saying in the dash-cam video.

Thomas had a blood alcohol level nearly twice the legal limit. He’s facing vehicular manslaughter charges in his wife’s death and may be paralyzed from the waist down.

But hundreds of protesters in Paradise are calling for Officer Feaster to be removed from the force. They’re outraged he won’t be facing criminal charges.

“Cop pulling guns on people when it’s in a car accident — that’s insane,” one protester said.

“There’s something wrong with that cop. He’s crazy,” another said.

Prosecutors called the shooting an accident, saying Feaster “did not intentionally fire his pistol” and that “he was in shock at the scene and not certain his weapon had actually discharged.”

But they have no explanation for why it took Feaster 11 minutes to report that he had fired his gun.

“The 11 minutes waiting to notify is awful. Regardless, can we prove a case of intentional discharge of that weapon beyond a reasonable doubt? We could not,” District Attorney Mike Ramsey said.”

The whole story and here: http://bearingarms.com/officer-shoots-wreck-survivor-doesnt-tell-anyone-escapes-charges/

Additional story here with video:http://www.krcrtv.com/news/local/feasters-future-uncertain-as-internal-investigation-begins/36922110

This is a true true hero in blue

Bred and badged to be one of America’s finest

What an incredible piece of trash

Some things you just can’t make up



Another Florida hero in blue convicted of child porn

Fired deputy accused of trying to meet Broward teen for sex freed on bond

“A Broward man fired from his job as a Pasco County Sheriff’s deputy pleaded guilty late Tuesday to one count of receiving child pornography.

Matthew Bondi, 22, of Deerfield Beach, was accused of showing up to try to meet an underage teen for sex in Davie.

On the first day of his trial in federal court in West Palm Beach, Bondi pleaded guilty to receiving a video of the 15-year-old masturbating. He faces five to 20 years in federal prison when he is sentenced early next year and will have to register as a sex offender when he is released.

Federal prosecutors and the defense had been negotiating a possible plea agreement all day, but the details were not finalized until after jurors heard opening statements in the trial.

“Thank you for today [in court] and I’m sorry for my behavior,” Bondi said, looking the judge in the eye and then turning to also make eye contact with prosecutors.

Bondi had turned 22 just days before investigators said he arranged to meet a 15-year-old boy he had met online last year on Grindr, a social networking site that is mostly used by gay men to arrange sexual hookups.”

The rest here: http://www.sun-sentinel.com/local/broward/fl-matthew-bondi-trial-starts-20151208-story.html?utm_source=hootsuite

Scumbag, degenerate cops seem to be an epidemic in Florida

It is hard to believe that communities even let some of these P.D’s exist

It is amazing that the amount of child porn, assault, graft and corruption continues to exist

Remember when one of these people pull you over just whom you may be dealing with

You may have just been pulled over by a rapist

A thief

A child molester

Or possibly even worse

And the best part? They have a gun

Make sure that you have video rolling as soon as you see lights

Your life or your freedom could depend on it

Marion county Florida hero threatens trooper, brake checks him, no charges filed


“Sheriff’s Office officials have transferred a deputy from the road to duty at the county jail after it was revealed he threatened a state law enforcement officer through a cellphone call and text messages.

Deputy Franco Porcelli was suspended for 40 hours without pay and was sent to work at the Marion County Jail for violating the agency’s code of conduct, according to a report written by Lt. Mark Kelly.

The report states that an incident occurred at 6:30 p.m. Nov. 14 on Baseline Road in Ocala between Porcelli and Florida Highway Patrol trooper Christopher DelRusso, after which Porcelli called the FHP officer and threatened him. The two also exchanged text messages. The trooper emailed his captain and, five days after the incident, Kelly conducted a review between the deputy and the state officer.

“These actions are unacceptable and clearly do not represent the relationship we should have with the Florida Highway Patrol,” Kelly’s report states.

According to the report, the trooper said that on Nov. 14 he saw a truck going south on Baseline Road, which sped up to pass another vehicle, and pulled his cruiser behind the truck to check the speed, which he estimated at close to 60 mph in a 45 mph zone. He said the truck’s brake lights came on several times and, at one point, the driver stopped in the middle of a turn, which forced him to stop briefly. He said he did not think much about it and continued driving south on Baseline Road.

Porcelli told Kelly he felt DelRusso was “tailgating” him and that he had to “brake check” him a couple of times. He said he got DelRusso’s number from another trooper and texted and called him, the report states.”


Sociopathic scumbag in blue

I find his type to be the most representative of cops in Florida

Why wouldn’t they charge him?

Why wouldn’t they suspend him?

Because his behavior and attitude are typical

The only difference is that he did it to one of his own

So let’s re-assign him to the jail where he can abuse people who won’t be believed when they complain

This scumbag should have been fired at the very least

Maybe then he could have went to the Hernando county Sheriff’s Dept. where the true lowlifes reside

Cop lies about warrant, no charges filed

“When the review team came across a case involving Tussey and Tillis and the arrest of Matthew Timm, in which images from a body camera worn by Tussey showed a different version of what happened compared to their written reports, an investigation was opened and they were suspended with pay.

The men alleged that before entering a hotel room registered to Timm, who was wanted on drug charges, Tussey announced he was from the Sheriff’s Office. The video, however, showed that Tussey announced he was with maintenance.

After the deputies saw drugs in the room, Tussey called Detective Jeffrey Boyles of the Tactical Investigations Unit, another Blair specialty team, who wrote a search warrant. Boyles did not submit the results of the search until more than two months later.

The State Attorney’s Office reviewed the case and decided to not file criminal charges against Tussey or Tillis. Boyles was cleared, but was suspended for two days without pay for dereliction of duty.”


Suspended without pay for two days for dereliction of duty


Two days?

Sounds like a lowlife P.D. to me

Along with the states attorney

Scumbag should be in jail at the least

The very least

TSA workers rack up crime after crime, catch zero terrorists


Check out the below list for a crime by crime look at the inglorious TSA

The crimes range from murder to child porn to smuggling illegal aliens

The TSA for some reason really seems to attract the degenerates

Instead of protecting us from terrorists they are putting their own reign of terror across the nation

Seriously, check this link out and see for yourself if I am exaggerating


Another cop arrested for child porn, scumbag in comment section says it is A-Okay

Kevin Wayne Dunn

Here is the story: A sergeant with the Murfreesboro Police Department in Tennessee is now behind bars as part of a child pornography investigation.

Special agents with the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation arrested Kevin Wayne Dunn. The TBI says Dunn distributed images consistent with child pornography.

Dunn has been charged with five counts of Aggravated Sexual Exploitation of a Minor. Agents booked him into the Rutherford County Jail on a $750,000 bond.” And here is the comment from “empirical 31” :

“Without proposing to pass judgment on the allegations in this news report, it should be noted that scientific studies based on credible empirical evidence do not support the mass hysteria and moral panic that currently surrounds so-called “child pornography.” According to several objective research reports, some of which are discussed in the essay linked below, the viewing of this material is most often harmless and does not always lead to behaviors which are currently considered to be criminal. Many – perhaps most – of those charged with possessing and viewing “child pornography” have never been involved with a child. Also, the conjecture that all “pornography” is taken without consent is not borne out by empirical facts, and the delusion that children are hurt every time their image is viewed simply is not rational – the child most likely never knows about such viewings. For an essay discussing this subject published in a reputable scientific journal, see http://www.shfri.net/effects/effects.cgi

For a free downloadable 94 page book on these issues which includes voluntary anonymous testimony from now grown former child “actors,” see http://www.shfri.net/shfp/beyond/beyond.html”

Just to be clear here; All child molesters deserve to be hung or shot.

This is a fact that will never change

Touch my child, I will do it myself

Whether you are the scumbag cop

Or the scumbag commenter

You both deserve the same


The whole story is here from WAAY 31 Savannah Williamson : http://www.waaytv.com/appnews/murfreesboro-officer-arrested-during-child-porn-investigation/article_71451a64-929c-11e5-8538-8f91e1a931c6.html?utm_source=hootsuite