Cop lies about warrant, no charges filed

“When the review team came across a case involving Tussey and Tillis and the arrest of Matthew Timm, in which images from a body camera worn by Tussey showed a different version of what happened compared to their written reports, an investigation was opened and they were suspended with pay.

The men alleged that before entering a hotel room registered to Timm, who was wanted on drug charges, Tussey announced he was from the Sheriff’s Office. The video, however, showed that Tussey announced he was with maintenance.

After the deputies saw drugs in the room, Tussey called Detective Jeffrey Boyles of the Tactical Investigations Unit, another Blair specialty team, who wrote a search warrant. Boyles did not submit the results of the search until more than two months later.

The State Attorney’s Office reviewed the case and decided to not file criminal charges against Tussey or Tillis. Boyles was cleared, but was suspended for two days without pay for dereliction of duty.”

Suspended without pay for two days for dereliction of duty


Two days?

Sounds like a lowlife P.D. to me

Along with the states attorney

Scumbag should be in jail at the least

The very least

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