Marion county Florida hero threatens trooper, brake checks him, no charges filed


“Sheriff’s Office officials have transferred a deputy from the road to duty at the county jail after it was revealed he threatened a state law enforcement officer through a cellphone call and text messages.

Deputy Franco Porcelli was suspended for 40 hours without pay and was sent to work at the Marion County Jail for violating the agency’s code of conduct, according to a report written by Lt. Mark Kelly.

The report states that an incident occurred at 6:30 p.m. Nov. 14 on Baseline Road in Ocala between Porcelli and Florida Highway Patrol trooper Christopher DelRusso, after which Porcelli called the FHP officer and threatened him. The two also exchanged text messages. The trooper emailed his captain and, five days after the incident, Kelly conducted a review between the deputy and the state officer.

“These actions are unacceptable and clearly do not represent the relationship we should have with the Florida Highway Patrol,” Kelly’s report states.

According to the report, the trooper said that on Nov. 14 he saw a truck going south on Baseline Road, which sped up to pass another vehicle, and pulled his cruiser behind the truck to check the speed, which he estimated at close to 60 mph in a 45 mph zone. He said the truck’s brake lights came on several times and, at one point, the driver stopped in the middle of a turn, which forced him to stop briefly. He said he did not think much about it and continued driving south on Baseline Road.

Porcelli told Kelly he felt DelRusso was “tailgating” him and that he had to “brake check” him a couple of times. He said he got DelRusso’s number from another trooper and texted and called him, the report states.”

Sociopathic scumbag in blue

I find his type to be the most representative of cops in Florida

Why wouldn’t they charge him?

Why wouldn’t they suspend him?

Because his behavior and attitude are typical

The only difference is that he did it to one of his own

So let’s re-assign him to the jail where he can abuse people who won’t be believed when they complain

This scumbag should have been fired at the very least

Maybe then he could have went to the Hernando county Sheriff’s Dept. where the true lowlifes reside

2 thoughts on “Marion county Florida hero threatens trooper, brake checks him, no charges filed

  1. Hey man,I was arrested and tased from this pig,I hope he goes to jail. My case is still pending thank you roy sherman


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