Party on Wayne! Border patrol agent arrested for setting off fireworks in hotel

“PRESQUE ISLE, Maine — An off-duty U.S. Border Patrol agent from Jackman was hit with several charges this week after allegedly setting off fireworks inside and outside his hotel room in Presque Isle.

Presque Isle Police Chief Matt Irwin said in a written statement Wednesday that the incident took place on Tuesday just before midnight at the Presque Isle Inn and Convention Center on Main Street, which is located near the University of Maine at Presque Isle.

According to Irwin, Michael Mielnicki, 38, was setting off fireworks in his hotel room and in the parking lot, disturbing other guests. When officers approached Mielnicki, he became combative. He was charged with refusing to submit to arrest or detention, criminal mischief, cruelty to animals, possession of a usable amount of marijuana and disorderly conduct.

Presque Isle police Deputy Chief Laurie Kelly explained later Wednesday that Mielnicki was charged with cruelty to animals because he had his work-issued canine with him in the room at the time he was setting off the fireworks, and the dog was “a little traumatized.” She said she was not exactly sure the type of fireworks Mielnicki possessed, but it was a wide variety of “fairly large, commercial grade type” products.

Kelly said that the interior of the hotel room was damaged, but she could not estimate the cost of that damage. A manager at the hotel said Wednesday that he did not wish to comment.

“He is in enough trouble already, so I won’t comment,” the manager said.

Kelly said the marijuana was allegedly found in Mielnicki’s room.

Irwin’s statement indicated that during the investigation Mielnicki identified himself as a border patrol agent assigned to the Department of Homeland Security at the Jackman station.”

I guess this guy really knows how to party on the taxpayers dime

Where do they keep finding these guys to be cops?

This is very far from an isolated incident

Most of the degenerates that get hired onto LE agencies go about their crimes in a little less spectacular fashion

But they are still one and the same

Graft, shakedowns, physical abuse, power trips

They think that they are above the law

Do you think that I am exaggerating?

Go here:

You will find page after page full of links to daily police misconduct

A few bad apples?

I think not

The whole bushel has gone bad



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