Police misconduct from the CATO institute

Posted by Deborah Lee Jarrett

Here are the 12 reports of police misconduct tracked for Tuesday, February 23, 2016:

  • Deschutes County, Oregon: A captain was fired and indicted for allegedly stealing more than $200,000. The charges include theft, money laundering, and passport fraud. ow.ly/YEuSh
  • Wharton, Texas: A now-former officer was charged with two counts of sexual assault of a child. ow.ly/YEvGQ
  • Champaign, Illinois: An officer has been named in a fourth excessive force suit. The City settled the previous three for a total of $320,000. He was fired by the department but reinstated by a labor arbitrator. ow.ly/YECz7
  • Benton Township, Indiana: A now-former officer was sentenced to 60 days in jail for killing a pedestrian while speeding in his cruiser without lights and siren. ow.ly/YEDYP
  • Bethel, Alaska: A now-former officer was charged with assault and misconduct for the use of excessive force during an arrest. The incident was captured on a surveillance camera. The victim had his conviction thrown out and the City settled his lawsuit for $175,000 after the video came to light. ow.ly/YEEIR
  • Massachusetts State Police: A trooper was suspended and will be criminally charged for assaulting a Belchertown police officer. ow.ly/YEX7T
  • Boston, Massachusetts: An officer was placed on leave and is being investigated for corruption. ow.ly/YEZ8R
  • Update: Euclid, Ohio (First reported 01-22-16): An officer pled not guilty to firing a gun in a park while off-duty and intoxicated. ow.ly/YF5qs
  • Belknap County, New Hampshire: A deputy was charged with raping and sexually abusing six female inmates. ow.ly/YF6Ci
  • Suffolk County, New York: A lieutenant has been criminally charged for allegedly stealing $80,000 from the department by claiming time he did not work. He retired the day his pension vested. ow.ly/YF7Ux
  • Norfolk, Virginia: An officer was placed on leave after allegedly exposing himself to a woman in a Wal-Mart while off duty. ow.ly/YF9qN
  • Maui, Hawaii: An officer was arrested for abuse of a family member. He has been placed on administrative duty. ow.ly/YFa3L
  • From here: Updated multiple times weekly:http://www.policemisconduct.net/

Poor cop doesn’t get to go home safe tonight

Posted by Deborah Lee Jarrett

“BREVARD COUNTY, Fla. —A Brevard County corrections deputy has been fired. The sheriff said the deputy was having sex with an inmate.

The investigation began on Tuesday, and 24 hours later, the deputy was arrested and fired.

Brevard County Sheriff Wayne Ivey announced Deputy Barre Taylor was let go from the department after learning from a female inmate that Taylor and the inmate had engaged in sexual activities twice over the last several weeks.

Taylor was booked into the Brevard County Jail, the same one where he worked the past five years”


One day you get to go home safe

A regular hero in blue

The next day you got the blues

Because you are a loser in an orange jump suit

Not that you weren’t a loser the day before

The only difference is that the perception has changed

Welcome to Florida

Home of the corrupt cop


Former deputy gets prison time for taking bribes, smuggling cellphones to New Orleans inmates


“A former deputy who smuggled cellphones to inmates at Orleans Parish Prison and took thousands of dollars in bribes has been sentenced to more than two years behind bars.

Terry W. Savage, 57, pleaded guilty recently to one count of malfeasance in office, a felony, and was sentenced to 30 months in state custody, according to court records.

The guilty plea occurred in December but has not previously been reported.

Savage, who resigned from the Orleans Parish Sheriff’s Office about two years ago, admitted receiving regular bribes of $400 to supply cellphones to inmates awaiting trial at the jail’s now-shuttered Conchetta facility on Tulane Avenue. He typically would meet the girlfriend of an inmate at a gas station to collect the contraband.

Prosecutors did not charge Savage until last year, even though he confessed in early 2014. Sheriff’s Office records show investigators discovered the stash of cellphones after an inmate posted a photograph on the social-networking website Instagram.

Deputies seized several of the devices on at least three jail tiers, including one phone that had been hidden in a white sock shoved between two bunks. One of the phones contained Savage’s phone number and text messages instructing an unidentified recipient to contact the deputy to arrange a meeting.

Confronted by his colleagues, Savage initially claimed he had given his number to an inmate so they might go fishing upon his release from custody. He later admitted to smuggling cellphones to inmates “over 10 times,” Sheriff’s Office reports show.

The reports, released in response to a public records request, show investigators knew about Savage’s role in trafficking contraband as early as August 2013. However, he worked at the facility for another six months before he was suspended in February 2014.”


Sure seems like it took them a long time to take this operation down

Almost appears that they were reluctant for some reason

I wonder why that would be?

Corruption still rampant in NOPD?

What’s the difference between the cops and the prisoners?

The cops get to go home safe at night

23 Yr. police veteran arrested for rape

“PEPPER PIKE, Ohio — A Former Pepper Pike police officer faces charges of rape, sexual battery, menacing by stalking and misusing a police database, according to an indictment announced this week.

Jeffrey L. Martin, 55, used the Ohio Law Enforcement Gateway to gather information that allowed him to stalk the rape victim, the indictment said.

Martin was first arrested Dec. 14. Charges filed in Bedford Municipal Court say he also followed the rape victim several times.

He used a firearm during the rape, the indictment said, but it is unclear how.

Martin followed the victim several times, including to the Bedford Police Department when she reported the rape, court records said.

He is also accused of claiming to be a private investigator in an attempt follow the woman onto the Ursuline College campus, records said.

The Pepper Pike Police Department suspended him four times during his tenure, according to his personnel file.

Two of the suspensions involved allegations of inappropriate conduct toward women.

Martin served with the Pepper Pike Police Department between Dec. 12, 1991 and Aug. 20, 2014, when he retired amidst accusations of inappropriate behavior.”


23 Yrs. they managed to keep this guy

What is it that a cop, a stalker and a rapist have in common?

They all want to have control over people

Cops aren’t cops because they want to save civilization

Cops are cops because they want to have the power to control other people

They are the type of personality that wants to be in charge

That is also what is responsible for their elevated divorce and domestic abuse rate

So for a cop to turn out to be a stalker or a rapist is no surprise to me

Just remember when you get pulled over or have contact with the police

Who you may be dealing with




Cop is too much of a cop to be a cop

“Eight years ago, Derek Saxton was driving a black Ford Crown Victoria outfitted with red flashing lights when Chicago Police officers stopped him.

The officers suspected Saxton was a police impersonator and arrested him on charges of illegal use of flashing, oscillating or rotating lights — as well as driving on a suspended license.

But Cook County prosecutors dropped the charges and the 2007 arrest didn’t prevent Saxton from being hired as a Chicago Police officer in August 2012.

Now he’s in trouble again after a Skokie police officer spotted a black 2014 Ford Taurus Interceptor that resembled a cop car earlier this month. The Skokie officer ran the license plate and learned the car was a personal vehicle — and it belonged to Saxton.

Interim Chicago Police Supt. John Escalante launched an investigation last week to determine whether the 35-year-old officer violated state law and department policy by driving the car. The superintendent put him on desk duty on Friday and is considering stripping Saxton of his police powers during the investigation, said Anthony Guglielmi, a spokesman for the police department.

“This is a very serious allegation, a very serious investigation and we have many questions for the individuals involved,” Guglielmi said.

Saxton didn’t return a call seeking comment.

The Bureau of Internal Affairs will also review Saxton’s 2012 hiring — including whether he disclosed his 2007 arrest on his job application; what the police investigator conducting Saxton’s background check had discovered; and why Saxton was hired despite his arrest, Guglielmi said.”

The rest here: http://chicago.suntimes.com/news/7/71/1272046/cpd-investigating-cop-prior-arrest-driving-personal-car-police-equipment

What makes a cop a cop?

An over riding need for power?

Who wakes up in the morning and says I want to control people?

This guy sounds like the ideal candidate

You would think that they would give him an award