Conduct unbecoming : The cost of bad LEO behavior

“Carlos Chacon isn’t the type of man who hides his emotions, especially when he talks about the time his son told him how proud he was of him.

“He told me he’d forgot how determined I am to fight for things when I know I’m right,” explained Chacon with tears coming to his eyes.

Chacon is talking about the day a jury ruled in his favor for what Austin police did to him in 2011.

It started when he called 911 after he says a man threatened him near a hotel in north Austin. When he tried to introduce himself, Austin police pulled him out of his car. Dashboard camera video captured the confrontation.

“Stop the car! Stop the car, show me your hands!” explained Austin Police Officer Eric Copeland in the video.

“I said I’m not a threat to you, I am the party that called you. I said I’m on the phone right now with 911 and you can hear the 911 in the background,” contends Chacon.

Copeland and his partner then pushed Chacon to the ground, tasing him in the process.

“He didn’t pull the taser one time on me, they tased me three times,” said Chacon.

A jury ruled the officers violated Chacon’s civil rights and awarded him $1 million. The judge overseeing the case wrote, “As Chacon’s luck would have it, the worst decision he made that night was to call 911.”

Erica Grigg, Chacon’s attorney, practices civil rights litigation.

“That was his community saying, we’re not going to put up with this sort of rogue behavior from cops. We have to have a police department that is accountable for the behavior of their officers and they were upset,” said Grigg.

According to records obtained by the KVUE Defenders from several departments across Texas, law enforcement’s agencies have paid at least $54 million in taxpayer dollars in claims ”

They beat us, they shoot us, they kill our children and we the tax payer gets to pay for it

Don’t doubt for a second when you get pulled over that the person confronting you may be a psychopath

Just because they have been hired and put in a uniform does not make them a hero

Or a public servent

This has to come to an end

And that end has to begin with the recognition that the militarized police state is out of control

54 million dollars?

If that is not out of control

I don’t know what is

We own these P.D.’s and need to start acting like it

We as citizens need to take control or disband these out of control agencies


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