Alabama trooper rapes and sodomizes accident victim



A former Alabama State Trooper who was originally charged with rape and sodomy of an accident victim he was supposed to be helping has reached a deal with prosecutors that will see him plead guilty to misdemeanor sexual misconduct, according to court documents.

Trooper Samuel McHenry, of Rutledge, was arrested in December by agents of the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency and State Bureau of Investigation after allegations were made by a Butler County traffic crash victim who was assisted by McHenry.

After responding to the wreck, McHenry is alleged to have later put the woman, uncuffed, in his patrol car before forcing her to have sex with him under threat of jail time.”

This is one of the best hero in blue stories I have seen in a while

Can you imagine if that was your daughter or sister?

How about letting him plea out and serve time at his own discretion?

Apparently they don’t think what he did was that bad

Remember this guy the next time you go to dial up 911

Or see cherries behind you on a dark road

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