Sheriff’s Deputy Marty Rainey Facing Federal Sex Assault Charges

Ex-Gasconade County Sheriff's Deputy Marty Rainey is accused of sexually abusing multiple women. - GASCONADE COUNTY SHERIFF

“A rural Missouri sheriff’s deputy was a predator with a badge, sexually abusing four women and luring an underage girl into prostitution during a twisted two-year run patrolling the streets, according to a federal indictment.

Marty Rainey, wearing an orange jumpsuit, was led shackled into the federal courthouse on Friday in St. Louis.

The 52-year-old resigned under fire from the Gasconade County Sheriff’s Office in 2012 after a mental health counselor claimed Rainey and a buddy had engaged in some suspect sexual relations with one of the counselor’s clients. He was finally charged in January 2015 in state court after other women came forward with horror stories of coercion, abuse and rape.

His friend, John Pohlmann, was also arrested in January and charged with statutory rape, sexual assault and use of a child in a sexual performance. ”

Now this Cretin really deserves the Bad cop No donut award for undistinguished service

Once again, remember who you may be dealing with anytime you have contact with an LEO

Also remember that the day before this guy got busted he was a sworn officer of the court

As such any testimony he gave was given the weight of truth

BTW, Who do you think roughed him up?

Maybe some of his hero in blue buddies?


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