A few bad apples

Posted by Deborah Lee Jarrett

“Columbia, SC (WLTX) – Former Richland County Sheriff’s Deputy Maribel Crespo, 40, pleaded guilty to preparing fraudulent tax returns. According to the US Attorney’s office, Crespo prepared false returns for other former deputies.

Crespo and five other Richland County Sheriff’s Department employees were arrested in 2014.

Previous Coverage: Former Richland County Sheriff’s Employees Indicted

The IRS says Crespo’s actions caused the Treasury Department to lose $327,963.

Crespo admitted in court to attaching information of children to tax returns so the deputies could claim them as dependents even though they were not their children. This action would inflate the amount of money the filer would get on their tax return. Investigators say Crespo would split money from the returns with the children’s parents, herself and the rest to the tax filer.”


Remember it is only a few bad apples

It’s not like a whole group of deputies would be involved in defrauding the government

After all they are heroes

Every day they get up and put on that uniform and protect the hell out of us

It is such a good thing that they got home safe every day

That’s what really matters, right?


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