Police misconduct from the CATO institute

Here are the eight reports of police misconduct tracked for Tuesday, March 15, 2016:

  • Wood County, West Virginia: A deputy was charged with DUI after he led police on a chase at speeds estimated at 127 MPH. He had BAC of .178, more than twice the legal limit. ow.ly/ZtCq9
  • Livingston, California: An officer was charged with assault for an incident during a supervised child exchange. One of the three original charges has been dismissed. ow.ly/ZtEsS
  • Pomona, California: An officer was charged with molesting or annoying a teenage girl. ow.ly/ZtF9p
  • Chester, Pennsylvania: An officer was charged with oppression, indecent exposure, and assault for demanding sex from female detainees. ow.ly/ZtFPv
  • Houston, Texas: An officer arrested for criminal mischief the day he was suspended for personnel violation. ow.ly/Zu44p
  • Update: Edison Township, New Jersey (First reported 06-11-14): An officer was put back on the job, though without his firearm, despite efforts to terminate him. He had been suspended with notice of intent for termination for coercing a woman to model lingerie for him or face arrest. ow.ly/ZuaDV
  • Update: Cincinnati, Ohio (First reported 02-18-15): Two officers were acquitted of trying covering up another officer’s DUI crash. He pled guilty.ow.ly/ZubMz
  • Update: Brown University officer suspended for assaulting Dartmouth student has been fired. ow.ly/ZucXR

If you go to their site you will find a never ending stream of abuse, perversion and general scumbaggery

If you think that it is just a few bad apples you need to check in a few times week


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