Victimless Crimes


“St. Paul, MN — On May 18, the Ramsey County Sheriff’s Office conducted a large-scale revenue collection operation masked as concern for public safety.

A post on their Facebook page explains how the revenue collection initiative will be heavily enforced during the last two weeks in May. They describe how in a single four-hour event, 27 officers were able to conduct 227 traffic stops.

In four hours this event resulted in: 227 traffic stops, 159 seatbelt citations issued, 7 child restraint citations, 6 people arrested and brought to jail, 29 drivers cited for Driving After Revocation or Suspension, 49 “other” citations, and 1 DWI arrest.
In the ‘will they ever learn’ group – one driver was cited two times for No Seatbelt Use within 30 minutes by two separate officers.
Increased enforcement efforts are going on statewide through the rest of the month. Buckle up!

The resultant revenue generated in that four-hour period is well over $10,000.00.

One would think that the officers who enforce seat belt laws would be hyper-aware of these laws and always buckle up. One would be wrong.

After seeing this wholesale hypocrisy on seatbelt laws, police accountability activist, Andrew Henderson grabbed his camera and went to document officers without their seatbelts on. It was like shooting fish in a barrel.

Henderson explains on a Facebook post what went on that day.

As I have seen many officers drive without seat belts, I found this to be a double standard and an unethical means of revenue generation.
On Friday, May 22nd, I decided to stand on a street corner outside of the Ramsey County Law Enforcement Center with a camera to document officer seat belt use.

Henderson was able to catch multiple officers without their seatbelts on. They were completely open about it and made no attempts to buckle up as they were being filmed.”

This is what is causing the chasm between the public and our so called public servants.  We are allowing ourselves to become their prey…. revenue prey that is.

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