Pinellas county deputy charged after pointing gun during road rage incident


“Sheila Langlais, 46, was booked into the Pinellas County jail Wednesday, but was released the same afternoon on $5,000 bail.

On Feb. 7, Langlais, who was off duty and in her personal vehicle, had just pulled into the Twin Lakes apartments along U.S. 19 N in Palm Harbor to visit another off-duty deputy. She got into a traffic-related incident with Brett Dowd and his girlfriend, Brittany Byrne, as they tried to park their car. A baby was inside.

They yelled at each other and Langlais pointed a gun at them and then sped off, Pinellas Sheriff Bob Gualtieri said last month.

Dowd called 911. Deputies found Langlais’ car inside the complex. When Langlais stepped outside to talk to deputies, Dowd identified her as the other driver, the sheriff said.

Langlais told them there was a confrontation, but she denied carrying a gun that afternoon.

But after the deputy she was visiting told investigators Langlais had told her she did point a gun at someone before entering her apartment, Langlais admitted to brandishing her gun.”

So , this is the caliber of who they have out there

It takes a certain type of personality to be a cop

Who wakes up one morning and says” I want to carry a gun and control other people and beat them or shoot them if they don’t comply”

Regular heroes simply because they put on a badge and a uniform

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