Florida hero in blue arrested after receiving money from child porn convict



“MONROE COUNTY, Fla. (WSVN) — A Monroe County deputy is waking up behind bars after being accused of arranging to take money from an inmate in exchange for favors.

Twenty-six-year-old Zachary Reams was arrested Wednesday, when he showed up at an attorney’s office to receive $5,000 from an inmate.

Reams allegedly offered the inmate a cell phone and other commodities. That inmate is currently in jail for fraud and child pornography at the Stock Island detention center.”

The rest here: http://www.wsvn.com/story/31436594/monroe-deputy-arrested-for-unlawful-compensation?platform=hootsuite

Florida sure seems to have more than it’s share of miscreants wearing blue

Florida is also rated as one of the least free states due to the amount of people in jail or prison for victimless crimes

So who is worse?

The cops or the criminals?

It seems that the only difference between the two is that the cops haven’t been caught yet

Remember this guy if you ever serve on a jury

Remember that tomorrow that sworn officer of the court giving testimony

May be in jail

Victimless Crimes


“St. Paul, MN — On May 18, the Ramsey County Sheriff’s Office conducted a large-scale revenue collection operation masked as concern for public safety.

A post on their Facebook page explains how the revenue collection initiative will be heavily enforced during the last two weeks in May. They describe how in a single four-hour event, 27 officers were able to conduct 227 traffic stops.

In four hours this event resulted in: 227 traffic stops, 159 seatbelt citations issued, 7 child restraint citations, 6 people arrested and brought to jail, 29 drivers cited for Driving After Revocation or Suspension, 49 “other” citations, and 1 DWI arrest.
In the ‘will they ever learn’ group – one driver was cited two times for No Seatbelt Use within 30 minutes by two separate officers.
Increased enforcement efforts are going on statewide through the rest of the month. Buckle up!

The resultant revenue generated in that four-hour period is well over $10,000.00.

One would think that the officers who enforce seat belt laws would be hyper-aware of these laws and always buckle up. One would be wrong.

After seeing this wholesale hypocrisy on seatbelt laws, police accountability activist, Andrew Henderson grabbed his camera and went to document officers without their seatbelts on. It was like shooting fish in a barrel.

Henderson explains on a Facebook post what went on that day.

As I have seen many officers drive without seat belts, I found this to be a double standard and an unethical means of revenue generation.
On Friday, May 22nd, I decided to stand on a street corner outside of the Ramsey County Law Enforcement Center with a camera to document officer seat belt use.

Henderson was able to catch multiple officers without their seatbelts on. They were completely open about it and made no attempts to buckle up as they were being filmed.”
Read more at http://thefreethoughtproject.com/cops-turn-bullies-filmed-breaking-laws-supposed-enforce/#UgiRAXRg8v3LXWbA.99

This is what is causing the chasm between the public and our so called public servants.  We are allowing ourselves to become their prey…. revenue prey that is.

Texas hero in blue guns down two teens

“An arrest warrant says 16-year-old Jose Cruz was “intentionally shot” by off-duty Farmers Branch police officer Ken Johnson.

For that, Johnson is charged with murder.

Further, the warrant says Johnson “intentionally shot” 16-year-old Edgar Rodriguez in the hand and head. Rodriguez survived, but remains in critical condition at a local hospital.

For that, Johnson is charged with aggravated assault.

Neither teen was armed.

“You can only use deadly force if you have reasonable belief that someone is about to use deadly force against you,” said former prosecutor and local defense attorney Toby Shook. “You can’t just shoot someone because they stole from you.”

Johnson, 35, was arrested Wednesday in connection with the Sunday shooting that he says began when the teens broke into his SUV at his Farmers Branch apartment complex. Video shows Johnson chasing the Cruz’s red Dodge Challenger down Marsh Lane, appearing to ram the back of it, causing it to spin and crash.

A picture taken by bystander allegedly shows Johnson pointing a gun at the car.”

The rest here: http://www.wfaa.com/news/crime/ken-johnsons-case-headed-to-grand-jury/87121051

This from the article:

“He said that the surveillance video in the case is consistent with Johnson’s statement that he was in fear of his life when he took law enforcement action.

“They were in the middle of committing a crime and they did not follow orders,” Livingston said. “They indicated and they gave a threat to Officer Johnson. ”

How about that?

He feared for his life because they didn’t follow orders

All the while , he had a loaded gun pointed at them

What a scumbag

Either a filthy murderer on a power trip

Or a coward

You never know who might be pulling you over when you see cherries in the mirror

Police misconduct from the CATO institute

Here are the eight reports of police misconduct tracked for Tuesday, March 15, 2016:

  • Wood County, West Virginia: A deputy was charged with DUI after he led police on a chase at speeds estimated at 127 MPH. He had BAC of .178, more than twice the legal limit. ow.ly/ZtCq9
  • Livingston, California: An officer was charged with assault for an incident during a supervised child exchange. One of the three original charges has been dismissed. ow.ly/ZtEsS
  • Pomona, California: An officer was charged with molesting or annoying a teenage girl. ow.ly/ZtF9p
  • Chester, Pennsylvania: An officer was charged with oppression, indecent exposure, and assault for demanding sex from female detainees. ow.ly/ZtFPv
  • Houston, Texas: An officer arrested for criminal mischief the day he was suspended for personnel violation. ow.ly/Zu44p
  • Update: Edison Township, New Jersey (First reported 06-11-14): An officer was put back on the job, though without his firearm, despite efforts to terminate him. He had been suspended with notice of intent for termination for coercing a woman to model lingerie for him or face arrest. ow.ly/ZuaDV
  • Update: Cincinnati, Ohio (First reported 02-18-15): Two officers were acquitted of trying covering up another officer’s DUI crash. He pled guilty.ow.ly/ZubMz
  • Update: Brown University officer suspended for assaulting Dartmouth student has been fired. ow.ly/ZucXR

If you go to their site you will find a never ending stream of abuse, perversion and general scumbaggery

If you think that it is just a few bad apples you need to check in a few times week


Louisiana sheriff charged with conspiracy and civil rights violations in beatings of 5


“Iberia Parish Sheriff Louisi Ackal and Lt. Col. Gerald Savoy have been charged with federal civil rights violations in connection with the beatings of five inmates at the Iberia Parish Jail, according to a prepared statement from the U.S. Justice Department.

Over the past few weeks, eight former deputies have pleaded guilty to federal conspiracy charges in plea agreements that promise no prosecution for other federal charges in exchange for their testimony at a future trial.

Former IPJ Warden Wesley Hayes, former IPJ Assistant Warden Jesse Hayes, former Lieutenant Bret Broussard of the Narcotics Unit, former narcotics agent Wade Bergeron, former narcotics agent Jason Comeaux, former narcotics agent David Hines, former narcotics agent Byron Benjamin Lassalle and former K-9 handler Robert Burns pleaded guilty between Feb. 23 and Monday in closed federal court proceedings.

Ackal is charged with one count of conspiracy against rights and two counts of deprivation of rights under color of law, according to the prepared statement from the U.S. Attorney’s Office. Savoy is charged with one count of conspiracy against rights and one count of deprivation of rights under the color of law.

According to the federal indictment, “Ackal and Savoy conspired with each other and with other officers to assault five inmates, identified by the initials C.O., S.S., A.T., A.D. and H.G., and that members of the conspiracy failed to intervene and stop the assaults.”

Ackal and Savoy each face 10 years in prison and $250,000 in fines for each out of civil rights violations.”

The whole story here: http://www.iberianet.com/breaking_news/iberia-parish-sheriff-louis-ackal-indicted/article_b9fb7bc2-65c-11e5-8dd9-373a3aab4cd9.html?platform=hootsuite

How about that for a few bad apples?

Get a head count on these scumbags

There’s 10 right there, do you think that no one else knew about it or was involved?

Do you think that anyone these losers put away will be released?

Just remember that one day before they were indicted

These heroes in blue were sworn officers of the court

As such their testimony was given the weight of truth

Make sure you remember this bunch if you ever sit on a jury and hear sworn testimony

Just as likely as not the one giving testimony

Is as much of a criminal as the accused

A few bad apples

Posted by Deborah Lee Jarrett

“Columbia, SC (WLTX) – Former Richland County Sheriff’s Deputy Maribel Crespo, 40, pleaded guilty to preparing fraudulent tax returns. According to the US Attorney’s office, Crespo prepared false returns for other former deputies.

Crespo and five other Richland County Sheriff’s Department employees were arrested in 2014.

Previous Coverage: Former Richland County Sheriff’s Employees Indicted

The IRS says Crespo’s actions caused the Treasury Department to lose $327,963.

Crespo admitted in court to attaching information of children to tax returns so the deputies could claim them as dependents even though they were not their children. This action would inflate the amount of money the filer would get on their tax return. Investigators say Crespo would split money from the returns with the children’s parents, herself and the rest to the tax filer.”


Remember it is only a few bad apples

It’s not like a whole group of deputies would be involved in defrauding the government

After all they are heroes

Every day they get up and put on that uniform and protect the hell out of us

It is such a good thing that they got home safe every day

That’s what really matters, right?


Sheriff’s Deputy Marty Rainey Facing Federal Sex Assault Charges

Ex-Gasconade County Sheriff's Deputy Marty Rainey is accused of sexually abusing multiple women. - GASCONADE COUNTY SHERIFF

“A rural Missouri sheriff’s deputy was a predator with a badge, sexually abusing four women and luring an underage girl into prostitution during a twisted two-year run patrolling the streets, according to a federal indictment.

Marty Rainey, wearing an orange jumpsuit, was led shackled into the federal courthouse on Friday in St. Louis.

The 52-year-old resigned under fire from the Gasconade County Sheriff’s Office in 2012 after a mental health counselor claimed Rainey and a buddy had engaged in some suspect sexual relations with one of the counselor’s clients. He was finally charged in January 2015 in state court after other women came forward with horror stories of coercion, abuse and rape.

His friend, John Pohlmann, was also arrested in January and charged with statutory rape, sexual assault and use of a child in a sexual performance. ”


Now this Cretin really deserves the Bad cop No donut award for undistinguished service

Once again, remember who you may be dealing with anytime you have contact with an LEO

Also remember that the day before this guy got busted he was a sworn officer of the court

As such any testimony he gave was given the weight of truth

BTW, Who do you think roughed him up?

Maybe some of his hero in blue buddies?